10 beauty tips, then you quietly become a goddess!

2021-12-27 By cnherb777 0
  1. Beautiful eyebrows can add a lot of points to the face. It is best to trim the eyebrows with an eyebrow cutter and eyebrow trimmer.Don’t use them. The eyelids are really fragile and will be loosened.

  1. Lean your leg against the wall for 30 minutes before going to bed, and make it 90 degrees with your body, stick to it, you are sure
    Will have a pair of straight and slender legs.
  2. Don’t breathe with your mouth. Different breathing methods will directly affect the growth and development of facial features.

It is best to breathe through the nose.
4. Whether the face looks good or not, the bridge of the nose is very important. If you want to make the bridge of the nose more three-dimensional, you must apply makeupCome to build, but pay attention to the play of shadows and highlights. The following left picture will play more than the right pictureThree-dimensional.

  1. If your hairline is uneven and messy, you can make your forehead rounded by trimming your hairline. If the hairline is sparse, you can fill it with hairline powder.

6. The color of eye shadow should be from light to dark, the smudged area from large to small, fully smudged, and be careful with pearlescent. Color matching is not a big problem, as long as you know how to stay away from death colors.

7. A tall nose is definitely the most conspicuous of the facial features! People with high noses have no difference in their facial features. Therefore, if you have nothing to do, you can pinch your nose more. If you pinch it for a long time, you can pinch the base of your nose higher. But note that the technique should not be too violent to avoid damaging the skin.

8. Frequent grimacing can stretch the muscles on the face, relax the facial features, and make the face less rigid.

9. Learn to make-up, and proper make-up should be used for important occasions and activities. Even if you are used to going out without makeup, put a lipstick in your bag.

10. Sleep is very important for women. Women’s sleep time cannot be too late, especially more than 11 pm, because from 10 pm to 5 am the next morning is the best time for skin repair, and sleep The repair in is effective. If the time to fall asleep exceeds midnight, even if you wake up late the next day and sleep longer, you have already missed the best time to maintain your skin.