10 health tips.

2022-03-02 By cnherb777 0
  1. Garlic is rich in antiviral ingredients, which can enhance the body’s immunity. Eating more garlic during the season will help you cope with colds.
  2. It is not advisable to eat smoked food when drinking. Drinking alcohol can easily increase the blood lead content of the human body. At this time, the organic amines in the smoked food will induce digestive tract diseases.
  3. The rhythm of the meal should not be too fast, chew slowly, let the food and saliva be fully mixed, so that the enzymes in the saliva can be fully degraded, and the anti-cancer effect of saliva can be exerted.
  4. After drying the soaked tea leaves, put them in gauze bags and put them in the refrigerator to absorb the fishy smell from fish and meat.
  5. If you want to whiten your skin, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamin C, milk, etc. at any time, and stick to a light diet for a long time to lighten the spots.
  6. When washing your hair, add some salt to warm water and wash your hair with salt water, which can prevent hair loss and also make hair wash more clean.
  7. Fengyoujing treats scalds. For small-scale mild scalds, you can directly apply the balsamic essence on the scalded area, and apply it every four hours.
  8. It is a habit to “blow the air conditioner” in summer, but blowing the air conditioner for a long time is particularly prone to heatstroke. In the office and at home, drink more salt and boiled water to prevent heatstroke.
  9. Women drink some red wine before going to bed every night to nourish blood. Apply a mask sheet soaked in red wine every day to improve skin condition.
  10. Vinegar water bath can protect skin and anti-fatigue. After outdoor activities, put some vinegar in the bath water, which has anti-fatigue, anti-allergic and anti-itching effects.