10 Tips for Healthy Living

2022-03-05 By cnherb777 0
  1. Honeysuckle has the effect of evacuating wind and heat, and honeysuckle is decoction and juice is cooled and mixed with honey to relieve heat;

  2. Drinking tea after eating too fatty food can stimulate the autonomic nervous system and promote fat metabolism;

  3. Broad beans are rich in protein without cholesterol, and have high nutritional value. Eating more can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

  4. After finishing the housework, the hands are easy to become dry and rough, soak the hands in vinegar for 10 minutes to protect the skin;

  5. Eat more mushroom foods. It can adjust the flora in the body and improve the resistance of the body;

  6. Feet are prone to sweating in summer, soaking your feet with light salt water every day can effectively deal with “sweaty feet”;

  7. Eat more things that dry dampness and strengthen the spleen, such as barley bean porridge, to prevent summer heat;

  8. Sunbathing after swimming in summer can prevent the occurrence of diseases such as skin strain;

  9. In summer, pillows are prone to moisture and mold, and frequent exposure to the pillow is good for health;

  10. Eat more acidic vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes and lemons for breakfast, which is good for nourishing the liver.