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Fisherman’s Bastion Protecting health and sharing love

Fisherman’s Fort is a company focused on health. It has been dedicated to providing good health nutrition for people who pursue high-quality life experience for a long time, and strives to provide customers with satisfactory health solutions. The company takes “creating with heart, sharing for love” as the development concept of the enterprise, and is deeply engaged in the business of health and nutrition.

Fisherman’s Bastion adheres to the quality concept of “real materials”

Fisherman’s Fort has established a long-term strategic partnership with well-known raw material suppliers. From the collection of raw materials to the production, Fisherman’s Bastion is strictly controlled by GAP and GMP standards, striving for sufficient and stable nutritional active ingredients. Fisherman’s Fort knows that health is a conscientious cause for building a happy life. Under the principle of “ethics first”, it has gathered a group of enthusiastic teams to better serve consumers.

The Fisherman’s Fort brand has made considerable progress over the years

After years of precipitation, the Fishburg brand has made considerable progress in China, and further developed the brand concept of “Fisherman’s Fort · Protecting Health and Sharing Love”. Fisherman’s Fort has built a brand system and production line with core competitiveness. Offline brands include Fisherman’s Fort and Bidirectional Brands. Its products include various national health nutrition products, covering basic nutritional supplements and functional health nutritional products. With the quality standards set by the country, we have spread the network across the country and completed the strategic layout of brand development. We are adhering to the German working philosophy of “Keep improving” and the “Strict and meticulous” service spirit, and strive to provide consumers with satisfactory products and life and health experience.