20 daily life tips

2022-01-12 By cnherb666 0
  1. Use toothpaste skillfully: If there is a small area of ​​skin damage or burns, scalds, apply a little toothpaste to immediately stop bleeding and relieve pain, and also prevent infection, and the effect is quite good.

  2. Eliminate greasy screens: You can put washing powder and cigarette butts left from smoking together in water. After dissolving, use them to clean glass windows and screens, and the effect is good.

  3. Put the shrimps into a bowl, add a little salt and edible alkali powder, rub them with your hands for a while, soak them in water, and then wash them with water, so that the fried shrimps are transparent like crystals, tender and delicious.

  4. Tips for dumpling noodles: Mix 6 egg whites into 1 pound of flour to increase the protein in the noodles. After the dumplings are placed in the pot, the protein will solidify and shrink quickly. After the dumplings are placed in the pot, they will quickly collect water and not easy to stick.

  5. After immersing the residual tea leaves in water for a few days, pouring them on the roots of plants can promote plant growth; drying the residual tea leaves and burning them in toilets or ditches can eliminate odors and have the function of repelling mosquitoes and flies.

  6. Re-cooking with raw rice: If it is raw rice, you can use chopsticks to poke holes in the rice that go straight to the bottom of the pot, sprinkle a little rice wine and simmer again. If only the surface is cooked, just turn the surface to the middle and simmer again.

  7. If it is necessary to blanch vegetables when cooking, it is better to use the water used for blanching the vegetables as much as possible. For example, when making dumplings, the boiled water can be placed in the meat filling, which not only preserves nutrition, but also makes the dumpling filling delicious and soupy.

  8. Tips for scrambled eggs: Crack the eggs into a bowl, add a little warm water, stir well, pour into the oil pan and fry, and drop a little wine into the pan while frying, so that the fried eggs are fluffy, tender and delicious.

  9. How to use the casserole 1: When the newly bought casserole is used at one time, it is better to use it to cook porridge, or use it to cook thick rice water to block the tiny pores of the casserole and prevent water seepage.

  10. Clever use of “thirteen incense”: use tangerine peel when stewing meat, which has a strong fragrance; eat beef and mutton with angelica, which can remove mutton and increase freshness; use cinnamon for homemade sausage, which tastes delicious;

  11. Tips 2 for making noodles with dumplings: The noodles should be slightly harder. After mixing, put them in a pot and seal them tightly. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Wait for the gliadin in the noodles to absorb water and swell, and fully form gluten before making dumplings. .

  12. Coriander is an umbelliferous plant, rich in essential oils and has a strong aroma, but essential oils are very volatile and cannot withstand prolonged heating. Coriander is best added before eating to retain its aroma.

  13. When washing or drying at high temperature, do not touch the door glass to avoid burns. When taking out dried clothes, be careful of metal parts on the clothes, such as zippers, buttons, etc., to avoid burns.

  14. If the collar and cuffs are dirty, you can soak the clothes in warm water with washing powder for 15-20 minutes, and then wash them normally.

  15. How to use a casserole 2: When using a casserole to boil soup or stew, first put water in the casserole, then put the casserole on the fire, first use a slow fire, and then use a vigorous fire.

  16. When cooking vegetables, add a bit of lozenge starch to make the soup thicker, which not only makes the cooked vegetables delicious, but also has a protective effect on vitamins because the starch contains glutathione.

  17. If the rice is burnt, quickly turn off the heat, put a piece of bread crust on top of the rice, and cover the pot. After 5 minutes, the crust can absorb the mushy taste.

  18. Dosage of washing powder: If the clothes are not too dirty or there is too much foam when washing, reduce the amount of washing powder. Avoiding overuse of laundry detergent not only saves money but also protects the environment, making your washing machine more durable.

  19. When cooking dumplings, add enough water. After the water boils, add 2% salt, and then add the dumplings after dissolving, which can increase the toughness of the gluten. The dumplings will not stick to the skin and bottom, and the color of the dumplings will turn white. Dumpling fragrance.

  20. Many people like to eat green vegetables but do not like to drink vegetable soup. In fact, when cooking, most of the vitamins have been dissolved in the vegetable soup. For example, after the cabbage is fried, 70% of the vitamin C will be dissolved in the vegetable soup.