4 health tips to make you less sick from now on.

2021-12-31 By cnherb777 0
  1. Soak your feet before going to bed
    When you are busy for a day at work, you will always feel exhausted when you rush to the bus and crowd the subway. After taking a hot bath at this time, we can soak our feet to relax our whole body. There are also many acupuncture points in our footsteps. Gently massaging during the soaking process will relieve our fatigue and make it easier to fall asleep.

2. Take a relaxing walk
After a meal, I walked around and lived to be ninety-nine. Some people may like strenuous exercise such as running, but sometimes walking can also exercise their body and soothe their mood. When we walk, we will entrust ourselves to nature, throw out some worries and sorrows, and leave a clean and relaxed self. So you can take a few hours to walk with your friends in your free time.

3. Turn your eyes
When you work with a computer for a long time, or often play games on a mobile phone, your eyes are prone to dryness and your vision is gradually blurred, remember to make your eyes move. Close your eyes and open them again. Turn your eyeballs in one direction, or use a steam eye mask to cover your eyes. When you let your eyes move or rest, you will find that your eyes will not be so heavy and people will become more energetic.

4. Get rid of pain and troubles
Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, there is always no harm in combing your hair more. Some people with severe hair loss may feel that the more combed, the more hair fall. But in fact, if the hair is not combed, it is more likely to knot, and it will damage the scalp even more when you accidentally pull it. Therefore, you can use your fingers as a comb and comb your hair from the back of your forehead. During this process, you will massage a lot of acupuncture points, which has a better health effect on headaches and eyes.