5 Disadvantages of Staying Up Late

2022-02-23 By cnherb666 0

Five dangers of staying up late
One; damaged skin. Generally speaking, the skin enters the evening maintenance state from 10:00 pm to 2:00 pm. If you stay up late for a long time, it will disrupt the normal circulation of the human endocrine and nervous system. Nervous system disorders will be dry skin, poor elasticity, lack of luster and other problems; and endocrine disorders will be skin problems such as acne, acne, chloasma, dark spots and so on.
Experts recommend eating more vitamin-rich or collagen-containing foods, such as fruits and skins, at dinner. You can also eat more cool foods, such as melons, apples, millet, barley and so on. In addition, dinner should eat less spicy food, and drink less alcohol, you can drink more fresh juice or soy milk and so on.
The second ; the resistance decreased. Among the various damages to the body caused by staying up late, the most common one is frequent fatigue, lack of energy, and decreased physical resistance. For people with weak resistance, respiratory diseases such as colds and digestive tract diseases such as gastrointestinal tract will also come to the door. This is mainly because the normal physiological cycle of people is destroyed when staying up late, the normal ‘response’ system of the human body is destroyed, and the resistance will also decline.
Experts remind that we should persist in resisting; “staying up late for illegality” and establishing a regular work and rest time. If you have to stay up late because of work, you should rest for a while and supplement nutrition.
Third; memory decline. Normally, a person’s sympathetic nerves should rest at night and be excited during the day to support a person’s day’s work. On the other hand, the sympathetic nerves of people who stay up late are excited at night. The so-called one relaxation, the next day after staying up late, the sympathetic nerves are difficult to be fully excited. In this way, people will have no energy during the day, dizziness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, slow reaction, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache and other problems. Over time, problems such as neurasthenia and insomnia may occur.
Expert advice; if you have to stay up late for work, at most once or twice a week. In addition, it is better for night shift workers to rest well during the day shift, instead of arranging other work.
Fourth; yin deficiency and fire prosperous. For those who stay up late, the body is overloaded with work, so it is prone to functional disorders. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is Yin deficiency and fire, which is often referred to as getting angry. In addition, people’s lives are often irregular when they stay up late. Because they have to stay up late, some people will eat more for dinner, and some people will eat a lot when they are hungry. Therefore, people who stay up late also often have gastrointestinal problems, such as Indigestion etc.
Fifth; vision loss. The damage to people’s eyes caused by staying up late is not as simple as the appearance of ‘panda eyes’. Excessive use of the eyes for a long time will also cause problems such as pain, dryness, swelling, and even cause people to suffer from dry eyes. In addition, fatigue of the eye muscles can lead to time-lapse vision loss. Excessive fatigue caused by staying up late for a long time may also induce central retinitis, causing blurred vision, dark shadows in the center of the field of vision, visual distortion, deformation, shrinkage, and changes in visual color. Generally speaking, this kind of eye disease is good for young and middle-aged men, and it often occurs suddenly after staying up all night.