5 Tips for Eyelash Growth!

2022-03-04 By cnherb777 0
  1. Apply vc oil to eyelashes
    I believe that little fairies who have used vc oil skin care products should know that this kind of oil similar to the essence has a repair function on the skin, so the same oily things will also have the effect of lengthening and thickening the eyelashes . For example, coconut oil, from a scientific point of view, coconut oil has many vitamins and minerals, which has a very good effect on promoting the growth and thickening of eyelashes. When smearing, use a cotton swab to take a small amount of coconut oil and apply it to the root of the eyelashes, and then close your eyes for 8 minutes to wash off. .
  2. Apply Vaseline
    Vaseline is really invincible and powerful, whether it’s the skin of the mouth or the overflow of blackheads, it is really a panacea~ I heard that it is also effective in removing neck lines! Ahem, no, Liuliu still wants to talk about another major effect of it – growing eyelashes! Yes, it works within a week, especially on the lower lashes! It can also make the eyelashes more tough and thick, so that your eyelashes have a more presence. The method of use is also very simple. It is also applied to the root of the eyelashes. The amount must be small to avoid entering the eyes.
    In fact, it is very convenient to use Vaseline because it is solid, which is not like the liquid growth fluid that will flow into the eyes and damage the eyesight. It is also very cheap, and a large can can be used for a long time.
  3. Vitamin E
    In addition to having good living habits, you still need to use a little bit of care to maintain your eyelashes. Choose the cheapest vitamin E capsules for a few dollars, and then gently apply it to the root of the eyelashes every night before going to bed, which can help the growth of the eyelashes, and at the same time, it can also strengthen the root of the eyelashes and make the eyelashes become Not easy to fall off.
  4. Vitamin B5
    Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, is an active auxiliary enzyme A. It is generally used for hair care and can promote hair growth. Hair has the same structure as eyelashes. Therefore, vitamin B5 can be used to enhance the lifespan and activity of eyelashes and promote eyelashes. grow. How to use vitamin B5 Vitamin B5 is granular, so it needs to be ground into powder before it can be used. After grinding into powder, put it directly into 10ML overnight tea, mix well, soak it with a cotton swab and apply it on the eyelashes.
  5. Overnight tea
    The last one is that overnight tea also has the effect of growing eyelashes. Although I don’t know which ingredient in the overnight tea promotes the growth of eyelashes, the friends who have tried it all say that this method is not only effective, but also has a very refreshing experience, which can be said to be full of praise! With long-term persistence, you can see obvious changes in the eyelashes, and the eyes will naturally look bigger when the eyelashes grow!