How to conceive a healthy and lovely baby

2021-12-26 By cnherb666 0

Improve your diet: To prepare for pregnancy, you must first develop a good diet, eat some foods that regulate the body, and have a balanced diet for three meals a day. The diet provides the nutrients necessary for a healthy body, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. And other food composition. Consistently drink milk, fruits and juices, fresh vegetables, nuts, lean meat, fish, beans, eggs, grains, bread, etc. every day. Partial eclipse can lead to malnutrition, which affects conception and the health of the baby.

Healthy weight: It is best to return to a standard weight during pregnancy, and never go on a diet or lose weight. Dieting can lead to malnutrition, which is not conducive to the optimal state of the pregnant mother’s body, and it will directly lead to a decrease in the chance of conception. Even if you are pregnant, malnutrition will adversely affect the healthy development of the embryo. Anemia should be treated with blood.

Folic acid supplementation before pregnancy: The two most important nutrients for pregnant women are calcium and folic acid. Folic acid is a vitamin that prevents neural tube defects during fetal development. This vitamin is difficult to absorb in food. Therefore, it is recommended to buy 0.4 grams of folic acid suitable for pregnant women from regular pharmacies. Start taking folic acid 3 months before pregnancy.

Appropriate amount of exercise: proper amount of aerobic fitness exercise has three important benefits for pregnant women, such as: better physical fitness, stronger cardiorespiratory function, and stronger flexibility of each joint. Such as: jogging, walking, walking, swimming, biking, skipping and so on. This kind of exercise will help you get pregnant, give birth, and take care of your baby more physically and mentally. If a woman is overweight during pregnancy, it is best to choose exercise to lose weight. Exercise properly every day, and the weight will naturally gradually decrease.

Prohibition of alcohol, smoking and ingestion of drugs: It is well known that alcoholism, smoking and ingestion of drugs can lead to low birth weight, miscarriage, mentally retarded children and so on. During pregnancy, both men and women should avoid smoking, alcohol abuse, regular work and rest, and not taking drugs, so as not to affect the quality of sperm and eggs.

Reduce environmental hazards: Some work environments have hazards, such as pharmaceutical factories, rubber factories, computer work, or work with chemical and radioactive materials, which may be harmful to you and your baby. You should consider making an adjustment at work, or taking half a year leave in advance to recuperate and prepare for pregnancy.

Stop contraceptives: try not to take contraceptives during pregnancy. If you have been taking birth control pills, it is recommended that you should stop using it for a few months before getting pregnant. Because the menstrual cycle takes some time to return to normal, and the residue of the contraceptive pill can damage the fetus.

Before pregnancy, both parties do an individual examination: during pregnancy, the two couples go to the hospital for a prenatal and childbirth examination, which mainly includes venereal diseases, hepatitis B, liver and kidney function, whether the endometrial development is normal, whether there are congenital genetic diseases, B-ultrasound examination of the uterus, accessories , Ovulation monitoring, genital tract inflammation, cervical mucus examination, etc.

Adjust the tone: Women must adjust their emotional problems before becoming pregnant and be happy. Keeping a happy mood before pregnancy, happy and healthy pregnancy, will help the baby’s intellectual development and health. Pregnancy in a bad mood may have an impact on the health of the child. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the vulva.

Adequate sleep: During pregnancy, in addition to paying attention to diet, life, and emotional recuperation, you also need to pay attention to sleep recuperation. Eat well, sleep soundly, and live happily every day. In order to give birth to a healthy and smart baby.