8 traditional Chinese medicines to help you fight aging

2020-12-24 By CN Herb 0

[8 major Chinese medicines to help you fight aging]

① Polygonum multiflorum, relieve neurasthenia, anti-oxidation. ② Astragalus can improve immune function and delay cell senescence. ③Ginseng, anti-aging and anti-fatigue. ④ Panax notoginseng, nourishing blood first. ⑤ Asparagus Acanthopanax, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. ⑥Ganoderma lucidum can scavenge free radicals and balance metabolism. ⑦Goji berries, strong muscles and bones after long service, light body and not old. ⑧ Rhodiola, anti-radiation, anti-virus, inhibit the growth of cancer cells.