9 Simple Life Tips

2022-01-26 By cnherb666 0

Happiness is not difficult, 2 minutes a day, Xiaobian teaches you 10 simple ways to change your life, let us adjust the state and start a good day together. Simple and happy, dear, come and see what you can do?

  1. Suburban hikes instead of gyms

Many people used to choose to exercise in the gym, where there are special equipment, as well as courses such as aerobics and yoga, but the annual fee for the general gym is always very expensive. Now you might as well give up and switch to short-term aerobics or yoga classes. These types of sports do not have high requirements on the venue. After learning, you can exercise at home.

A better option is to hike or bike to the countryside. It should be noted that when hiking in the wilderness, you must go with a professional and experienced travel friend, and bring all first aid and communication equipment, just in case. When traveling by bicycle, it is best to choose a flat road. If there is a big lake in the suburbs, it is most comfortable to circle the lake and enjoy the scenery of the lake and the mountains and the breeze.

If you feel that these two items are too tiring, you can also go to the suburbs for a picnic, fly a kite or dig wild vegetables, and get close to the long-lost nature.

  1. Clean up excess things and simply decorate the interior space

Crowded housing doesn’t necessarily mean too small, it can also mean too much stuff. Instead of adding more furniture to hold more and more items, it’s better to clean up and make new space.

Used items can be sorted, donated, or sold online as used items. The cleaned room may seem too simple. At this time, you can do simple decorations without much expense. Change a curtain, a bed sheet, and the tone of the entire room will be instantly refreshed. Cactus and small goldfish tank are also cheap and practical knick-knacks.

  1. Self-acting plays instead of cinemas

Are you keen to look forward to the release of blockbusters and queue up to buy movie tickets, have you thought about moving the theater to your living room? All you need is a couple of friends, a few printed scripts, a few cups of tea, and some homemade snacks. It doesn’t cost much, participates in person, is full of fun, and you don’t have to worry about losing the freshness soon.

If you are more interested in performing than the petty fights between friends, you can also join or organize a folk grassroots troupe yourself. Participating in open-air square performances, or performing charity performances for special groups, not only serves the society, but also makes many like-minded friends, opening up another sky for your life.


  1. Recover books and actively contribute

Compared with bars, cafes, cinemas, theatres and karaoke, reading is a rare and economical pastime. In the sunny afternoon, sit on the balcony; or in the dead of night, turn on the lamp, and a piece of orange light flows out. Flip through your favorite books, immerse yourself in the world of fictional characters, travel through time and space, laugh or grieve with them.

In addition to reading books and newspapers, don’t forget to actively contribute. Supplementary columns and self-reported stories may be accepted for submission. The content and style of the submission should be consistent with the style of the publication, so that the probability of publication will be higher, and the remuneration obtained can be used as a source of funds for the next book purchase.

  1. Use the balcony to grow vegetables and make homemade drinks and snacks

If your balcony is big enough, you can set up a special piece of soil to plant your favorite vegetables or small fruits, such as peppers, cabbage, leeks, coriander, grapes, etc., which can bring some greenery, but also Add an organic, eco-friendly treat to the table.

Bring your own blender, and you can drink fresh juice at any time, which is more than twice as cheap as outside. If you have an oven at home, you can also make all kinds of cakes, biscuits, snacks, and even cooked food sold in supermarkets. You can also make them at home, which is cheap, fresh and interesting.


  1. Play with outdated clothing

For outdated clothes, you can choose to be merciful instead of throwing them away, because fashion is like a revolving stage, often setting off waves of retro waves.

Do-it-yourself, old clothes can be rejuvenated after some cutting. For example, the white dress in school days, with a short skirt, trimmed with metallic lace, and a novel and flexible belt, immediately transformed into a new high-waisted skirt. Wearing more than one dress can not only save a lot of installation costs, but also experience the magic of changing old looks instantly in the “arrangement and combination”.


  1. Change the means of transportation and choose green travel

In times of economic downturn, giving up driving or renting out your car is a good option. Another good way is to be a “part-time driver”, commute to and from get off work with nearby fellow travelers, and share the cost of gas and car maintenance.

Many urban subways extend in all directions, and most of the office buildings are clustered along the subway lines. There are many advantages to taking the subway: fast, convenient, punctual, warm in winter and cool in summer, and you don’t have to worry about being exposed to the sun and rain while waiting for the bus. Get lost at the station.

If the distance is not too far, you can also choose bicycles, electric vehicles or motorcycles as means of transportation. You can also exercise while enjoying the sunshine, breeze, and free travel.

  1. Participate in club activities and pay attention to free exhibitions

Schools, libraries and cultural institutions often host free lectures, show free movies or organize exchange events. Such information can often be found on the websites of these cultural institutions and on the school’s BBS.

In addition, commercial buildings and city squares often hold exhibitions that do not require tickets to attract visitors. Many exhibitions are novel and quite tasteful. For example, urban sculpture exhibitions, oil painting exhibitions, thematic photography exhibitions, and sometimes small concerts.


  1. Recharge in time and teach yourself DIY craftsmanship

In times of depression, we should reserve strength and recharge in time to cope with possible workplace crises. For those who have already lost their jobs, they can take advantage of this free time to recharge their batteries. They can apply for graduate school or study abroad, or they can sign up for a remedial class to make new preparations for the next career.

Apart from professional charging, it is also a good way to learn some DIY skills by yourself. For example, you can make simple furniture such as bookshelves, make sweaters and cross-stitch tablecloths by yourself, which can not only adjust your spare time, but also save a lot of shopping expenses.