A must for slimming!

2022-02-09 By cnherb777 0

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1. Be sure to clean the skin of the part to be pasted before use; if you encounter hair, please avoid or clean up the hair of the part to be pasted;
2. If the skin is inflamed or wounded, please avoid sticking it directly on this part;
3. When cutting the clipping cloth, all corners should be cut into rounded corners (except for the pre-cutting cloth);
4. Before pasting, the adhesive surface of the tape should avoid contact with moisture or other substances;
5. Stretch the patch moderately each time you use it, but avoid stretching the end of the patch;
6. Find the correct part, stick the fixed point, and stick the patch smoothly on the skin in a partial stretching position, covering the corresponding functional muscles, try to complete the sticking action within 1-2 times, and repeat it with your hands after sticking. Friction activates the glue to solidify the effect.
7. If there is redness in use, please stop using it temporarily, and make the redness subside first. If the skin continues to be red, please seek medical attention immediately;
8. When removing the patch, follow the direction of the hair, pull the patch with one hand, and press the skin with the other hand, tear it off from top to bottom, and dry the patch after bathing. Repeatedly peeling the patch may cause skin discomfort.