A must-see for those who often stay up late!

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How to recover after staying up late
1. After staying up late, it is best to take a hot bath, which will not only wash away the oil secreted by the body, but also relieve fatigue. After taking a bath and then going to sleep, not only can you fall asleep quickly, but also help you directly enter deep sleep.
2. People who stay up late are prone to lack of vitamins. At this time, they need to supplement the body more, so fresh fruits and vegetables are indispensable.
3. If you want to improve your work efficiency after staying up late and waking up, you must increase your protein intake and eat more fish, lean meat, eggs or milk.
4. If you still can’t keep up with your mental and physical strength the next day, you can take a lunch break at noon, about 1 hour.
5. Remember to make a moisturizing mask for the skin problems left after staying up late to remedy the injured skin in time.
6. After staying up late, if you have a dry mouth, sore back, insomnia, and severe physical exhaustion, you can drink more water, or you can do some aerobic exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking, etc., and at the same time get more sunshine, on the one hand, speed up the metabolism of the new city, On the one hand, it can restore physical function as soon as possible.
Staying up late does not mean how late you slept, but refers to irregular sleep patterns and disordered sleep cycles. The dangers of staying up late are very large, including the following:
1. Low immunity
After staying up late, the general mental state is not very good, and it is very easy to get tired. This is because the body cannot have enough time to rest and the organs in the body cannot be well rested. Long-term, the immune system is greatly reduced, and the disease is also entangled.
2. Poor memory
The human sympathetic nerve is in a state of excitement during the day. If you stay up late, this nerve will be in a state of excitement all the time, because if you don’t get a good rest, your memory will decline over time. Headaches and inability to concentrate also occurred one after another.

3. Skin loses luster
Women’s sleep is not only to recharge the body, but also to recharge the skin. The best time for women’s beauty sleep is 10 o’clock in the evening. When the skin does not get enough sleep, it will inevitably lose its luster, as well as terrible dark circles, pigmentation and so on.
4. Eye fatigue and poor eyesight
Staying up all night for a long time is not only as simple as dark circles appearing, but staying up late makes the eyes unable to rest, and also makes the eyes in a state of excessive fatigue. Dry eyes and weakened vision are only a small part, and severe cases can lead to retinitis and even blindness.

5. Easy to get angry
We may all have the experience that after staying up all night, we will feel dry mouth, and women are easy to get angry after staying up all night. The most direct manifestation is that pimples appear on the skin from time to time. These are the rhythms of disordered body functions. It is also a fire performance.
What to eat when staying up late
1. Care for the skin
Food recommendation: kiwi, pig’s feet
Nutritional Analysis: Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, which can whiten the skin and lighten skin spots. Pig feet are rich in collagen, which can effectively restore skin elasticity and prevent the loss of moisture in the skin. Consuming the two together can also lighten dark circles.
2. Protect your eyes
Food recommendation: green tea, wolfberry
Nutritional analysis: Green tea not only has the effect of resisting cancer, but also can remove excess free radicals produced in the body, thereby reducing the damage of screen radiation to the eyes and protecting eye health. Lycium barbarum can nourish the liver and improve eyesight, and the carotene contained in it can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, thus playing the role of treating blurred vision and maintaining normal vision.

3. Protect the brain
Food recommendation: eggs, oatmeal
Nutrition analysis: The brain is the seat of our nerve center, it needs a lot of lecithin and vitamin B group intake to be able to work better. Egg yolks contain a lot of lecithin, while oats are rich in B vitamins. Both of these foods protect brain cells and help the brain rejuvenate quickly.
4. Care for muscles
Food recommendation: salmon, yogurt
Nutritional Analysis: Salmon is rich in protein, which can help the muscles damaged by staying up late to recover well. It also contains fatty acids, which prevent the conversion of sugars into fats. Because yogurt contains bifidobacteria and an appropriate amount of calcium, yogurt has the effect of strengthening muscles and bones, contracting muscles, and reducing fat.