Are there really ghosts in the world?

2022-01-23 By cnherb666 0

The existence of “ghosts” is a very rich topic. Some people firmly believe that there are ghosts in the world, and some people do not believe that there are ghosts in the world. Therefore, there are many opinions. The first one is that they do not believe in the world. There are ghosts: “1. The so-called “ghost phenomenon” is created by some people for special purposes, and it is still in the process of continuous creation. However, the truth of the facts is revealed step by step, so that people can recognize the world’s Essence. However, without rigorous scientific training to see the essence through phenomena, it is easy to be dominated by these idealistic concepts. It is recommended to read Since Darwin several times, it can help you establish a scientific worldview, and also Can help you master the methodology of science. However, this book may not be easily read by uneducated people;

  1. There are also the following methods. To put it bluntly, ghosts are still psychological effects. Since you have ghosts in your heart, find a sustenance for yourself, such as Buddha. This is not superstition. People should still have faith and sustenance. For example, someone knows There are no ghosts in the world, but you are just afraid, and the original Buddha is a fake, and will not really come out to help you, but they still pin their hopes on them, feel that they have support, and then they are not afraid of ghosts.

  2. There are ghosts in the rhetoric, called lechers or alcoholics and smokers. There are ghost things you do, ghost ideas and so on.

The second way of saying is to believe that ghosts do exist: “There are ghosts after people die. What is a ghost? In fact, the relationship between ghosts and the body is like the relationship between electromagnetic waves and walkie-talkies. Ghosts are also a kind of magnetic field. There is a magnetic field with memory. The relationship between ghosts and the body is as follows: people are divided into two parts, the body and the ghost. The body serves the ghost, and the ghost depends on the body. The existence of the organ is reserved for the health of the body, so that the ghost does not disappear.

The formation of ghosts – when the fetus is in the mother’s body, the first three months are very weak, or even non-existent, its source depends on brain activity and body fluids (the main thing is blood, body fluids are formed by the flow of ions). For all animals, there are ghosts after death, that is, as long as there is a flow of ions, an electric current will be formed, and if there is an electric current, there will be a magnetic field. When the fetus is three months old, the brain gradually develops and the blood flow to the mother increases, gradually forming a ghost. The body of a newborn baby is close to primitive, so many children (under 6 years old) will see ghosts, they are not seeing with their eyes, but their own ghosts and ghosts communicate (the vision range of children under 3 years old is very close At this time, the body of the child and the ghost are not very harmonious, and they are easily separated by fright and other reasons. This is the saying “lost soul”.

The growth and maturity of ghosts: With the growth of the human body, the ghosts are gradually integrated with the body, all the memories of the human being are stored by the ghosts, and the brain acts as a medium, just like the relationship between the information on the disk and the magnetic powder on the disk, but They are not exactly the same, and ghosts are not completely dependent on the brain for their existence. They have their own independent magnetic field memory methods. Just like the information on the disk is sent out in the form of electromagnetic waves, they can be received and displayed by your own brain at any time. It should be noted that magnetic memory depends on the structure of the brain (the position and arrangement of magnetic particles on the disk), and if it is not appropriate, it produces idiots. If memory is simply acting like “brain folds” as some scientists say, it is reported that idiots don’t have less brain folds than normal people? Some scientists have tested that the amount of energy a person should produce by ingesting food every day is far greater than that of normal people. The energy consumed by people’s heat every day, so where does the difference energy go? It is sent out by the brain in the form of electromagnetic waves. Some people may ask, why am I not receiving electromagnetic waves? With this question, please continue to read.

Separation of the ghost from the body–When a person’s organs are damaged or the body is weak and old and cannot generate enough energy, the ghost is separated from the body. To be precise, the body dies before the ghost leaves the body, not the ghost leaves the body. later died. Ghosts will continue to exist after they leave the body, they may be received by the body of an individual with the same properties as their original body, this is what people call ghost possession, so these ghostly possessed people will know a lot of the original body of the ghost the secret. Some people will worry that the ghost will not leave the attached body. This is superfluous. Although it is temporarily possessed, the attached body is not exactly the same as the original one, so it will not be provided with energy to make it continue. It also disappears after being possessed, and its energy is exhausted. Others will wonder, from ancient times to the present, there should be a lot of ghosts in the world, right? The answer is “no”, ghosts are a kind of magnetic field, when they encounter the blow of other powerful magnetic fields, they will be destroyed by Broken, such as encountering a strong magnetic field generated by lightning. So many ghosts were wiped out. This is the reason why people can get back after “losing their souls” if they don’t encounter thunder and lightning weather.

The world is made up of matter, including time and ghosts. Time and ghosts are just a form of matter that we do not fully understand.

Ghosts are also matter. It is a field similar to a magnetic field. I will call it a “ghost field”, which is the same as having a magnetic field between two magnets. And once this field is recognized and utilized by us human beings, it will produce major changes in history.

Ghosts have their own activities. When our bodies rest, sometimes they don’t, wander around, and store vaguely, but it’s vague without the help of the body. I don’t know if you feel this way: one day you go somewhere or the same thing happens.