Can drinking soda reduce uric acid?

2022-01-10 By CN Herb CN Health 0

There are two main reasons for high uric acid. On the one hand, the body produces too much uric acid (dietary reasons), and on the other hand, it excretes too little. In the treatment of high uric acid, “alkaline urine” is to take sodium bicarbonate tablets and drink more water to make the urine weakly alkaline, so as to promote the dissolution and excretion of more urate and prevent urate Deposits lead to tophi formation. picture Fructose is usually added to good soda drinks on the market, and fructose itself may promote the development of diabetes, gout and other diseases! Of course, there are also some soda drinks, which only have carbonation and additives, which cannot alkalize urine. Therefore, when purchasing soda water, you must look carefully at the ingredients. In addition, high uric acid will damage the kidneys, and consuming too much sodium will also increase the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, if the kidney function is damaged, especially those with high blood pressure, whether to drink soda water and how to moderate it should follow the doctor’s advice. .