Chewing gum every day can strengthen the brain.

2022-02-16 By cnherb777 0

Chewing gum can not only freshen breath and exercise chewing ability, but also increase blood flow to the brain and take away metabolic wastes from the brain. Recently, Taiwan’s “Health” magazine wrote that chewing gum every day can help strengthen the brain and prevent dementia.
Japanese Alzheimer’s disease expert Yoshiya Hasegawa said that “beta-amyloid” generated by periodontal bacteria is accumulated in the brain, which is one of the reasons for the onset and deterioration of dementia. To drive this protein out of the brain, flushing it with cerebral blood flow is the most effective solution. To promote blood circulation in the brain, the easiest action is to chew, but the amount of chewing for three meals is far from enough, so chewing gum is a good way.
Many athletes chew gum during practice or competition to improve brain blood flow, stimulate brain activity, and improve reflexes, memory, judgment, and concentration. In addition, many elderly people have loose teeth and like to eat soft food, which not only reduces the frequency of chewing, but also accelerates the aging of the brain. In addition, the types of nutrients ingested are limited, resulting in malnutrition and weakening of the body. It is recommended to chew gum for 5 minutes each time between meals, three times a day. Be careful not to use only one tooth when chewing, and do not choose chewing gum containing sugar or acidic substances, otherwise it will cause problems such as tooth decay