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A kind of Chinese medicine for external use. It is called thin paste in ancient times. It is boiled with vegetable oil or animal oil to form a gelatinous substance, and then applied to cloth, paper or leather.
On the other side, it can be attached to the affected area for a long time, mainly used to treat boils, reduce swelling and pain.

Principles of Medicine

Plasters work through the skin. Plastering therapy is one of the commonly used external treatment methods in TCM clinics. It follows the principles of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, the efficacy of TCM, the principle of treatment and the meridian, and fully mobilizes the efficacy of drugs to coordinate with each other to form a multi-flavored drug. Compound prescription to exert the good effect of the medicine. Since the plaster is directly applied to the body surface, most of the medicines used to make the plaster have a strong smell, and then add a strong spicy meridian drug that penetrates into the skin and transmits the meridians and internal organs, which can regulate qi, blood and promote blood circulation. Meridians, dispel cold and dampness, relieve swelling and pain.
According to modern pharmacological research, black plaster is better than rubber plaster in absorption and curative effect. However, due to the complicated production process of black plasters, there is no uniform standard, and it is difficult to carry out quality control, resulting in uneven quality of black plasters. Because the production of black plaster is time-consuming and laborious, Chinese medicine hospitals often carry out external application of traditional Chinese medicine, that is, crushed with Chinese herbal medicines, mixed with honey, petrolatum and other bases in an ointment form, and fixed with tissue paper and bandages. The dressing is changed every 24 hours, and the cost of use is high. . Each black plaster can be used for 3-15 days, and it can be applied again after it is removed without affecting the curative effect, so the cost is lower.
Traditional Chinese medicine surgical plasters are based on the principle of the meridian return of traditional Chinese medicines, using the efficacy of drugs to coordinate with each other to form a large compound of multi-flavored drugs to exert the good effects of the drugs. Since the plaster is used for thinning the skin surface, the thick-smelling medicine is taken from the plaster, and the medicine is introduced to lead the group of medicines, and the knots and stagnations are directly sent to the hospital. Therefore, it can penetrate into the skin to produce anti-inflammatory, analgesic, blood circulation and stasis removal, passage of meridians and collaterals, resuscitation and penetration of bones, expelling wind and cold. The plaster attached to the body surface stimulates nerve endings, expands blood vessels through reflection, promotes local blood circulation, improves the nutrition of surrounding tissues, and achieves the purpose of reducing swelling, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. At the same time, the drug penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue through the skin at the affected area, and produces a relative advantage of the drug concentration locally, thereby exerting a strong pharmacological effect. In addition, because there are some irritating drugs in the plaster, the strong stimulation can regulate the body’s function and promote the formation of antibodies through the nerve reflex, and improve the human immunity. After the drug penetrates the skin and mucous membranes, enters the systemic circulation through blood vessels or lymphatic vessels, and can also produce systemic drug effects.


Sterilize with 75% alcohol, or wipe with ginger slices; if there is a wound, use a dilute potassium permanganate solution to wash the pus and blood and try to dry it, then spread the folded plaster and put it on a small fire to dry it, sometimes due to illness If necessary, evenly sprinkle some powder on the baking plaster, and then fold it repeatedly to spread the plaster so that the powder is mixed in, so that the effect can be faster and better.