CN Health Slimming Tea 2.5 g * 24 Bags of Tea Non-Substitute Lazy Slimming Fat Burning Weight Loss

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Brand Name: Bishengyuan
Product Parameters:

Factory Name: Beijing Aoteshuer Health Care Products Development Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 1 Qiushi Industrial Community, Doudian Town, Fangshan District, Beijing
Ingredients: Senna Leaf, Green Tea, Ketsumeishi, Lotus Leaf, Alisma Orientale
Shelf Life: 720 Days
Food Additives: None
Product Name: Bishengyuan Fiber Tea
Brand: bi sheng yuan
Approval File Number: Guoshi Jianzi G20110711
Specific Specifications: 2.5 G/bag * 24 Bags
Import Or Not: No Product
Dosage Form: Tea
Gift Box Set? No
Edible Method and Dosage: 2 Times a Day, 1 Bag Each Time, Half an Hour after the Meal, Soak in 200-300Ml Boiled Water for 5-10 Minutes and Drink It While It Is Hot. Drink It Once.
Note: This Product Is a Health Food and Cannot Be Used Instead of Drugs. If Diarrhea Occurs When Eating This Product, Please Stop Immediately.
Function: Weight Loss
Applicant’s Chinese Name: Beijing Aoteshuer Health Care Products Development Co., Ltd.
Functional Components/Iconic Ingredient Contents: Each 100g Containing: TP (Tea Polyphenol) 3.0G, the Total Anthraquinone 0.6g
Unsuitable Crowds: Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House, Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers, Chronic Diarrhea
Applicable for: Simple Obesity
Storage Practice: Store in a Cool and Dry Place

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