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Founded in 1993, Yangshengtang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale pharmaceutical and health care company integrating scientific research, production and sales. Headquartered at No. 148, Shuguang Road, Hangzhou, it is the company’s R&D, marketing and management center.

The company currently has two large production bases in Haikou and Hangzhou, 13 sales regions and 96 offices. The business covers all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and its product line covers the fields of oral beauty products, children’s nutrition products, and health care products. It is one of the leading companies in China’s health products.

Relying on accurate market positioning and continuous innovation of marketing strategies, the company has created and led the trend of “internal beauty products” and pioneered a new development path in the domestic traditional health care product market.
In 1993, Yangshengtang adopted the compatibility of whole turtles and whole turtles, ultra-low temperature freezing and crushing technology, and created the turtle pill with exact “immune regulation” effect. The composition of tortoise and soft-shelled turtle and its preparation have been patented in the United States, South Korea, and Japan.
In 1995, Yangshengtang Duoer Capsule was launched. It was the company’s first internal beauty product based on the concept of “internally nourishing outside” health and beauty. The product appeal of “internally nourishing outside, nourishing blood and nourishing skin, making skin delicate, ruddy and shiny” It is a precedent for oral beauty products.
In 2001, the growth happiness series products were launched.
In 2003, the adult multi-vitamin series was launched, which coincided with the raging SARS. Yangshengtang took the lead in donating 5 million vitamins to the Ministry of Health to express its support for the “anti-African” work with practical actions.
In 2004, natural vitamin E went on the market, and quickly occupied the market advantage with its super high cost performance.
In 2007, natural vitamin C went on the market, and once it went on the market, it set off a new trend of oral beauty and healthy whitening.
In 2011, Yangshengtang collagen and growth happiness Q tablets were launched.
In 2013, on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Yangshengtang, global selection and sincere dedication, three new products, including multivitamin mineral tablets, royal jelly and propolis soft capsules, and natural β-carotene soft capsules, were freshly launched.

In 2014, the e-commerce subsidiary of Yangshengtang was established.

In 2015, the Yangshengtang Customer Management Center was established, and the Yangshengtang IoT Smart Factory was officially launched, becoming the first IoT enterprise in the domestic pharmaceutical and health products industry. The project was recognized as the first batch of factory IoT projects in Hangzhou.

In 2016, new products such as protein powder, B vitamin tablets, zinc selenium tablets, iron folic acid tablets, calcium-magnesium chewable tablets, vitamin D tablets and other new products were launched, broadening the health product line of Yangshengtang and providing consumers with more healthy choices .