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Xianhua Pharmaceutical Health Products Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xianhua Pharmaceutical Group. It mainly deals in ginseng-based foods and health foods. It operates and records more than 700 varieties and has 18 health food batch numbers. Since 2003, Xianyang Pharmaceutical and Health Products Co., Ltd. has begun to explore the field of ginseng, with the “Xiuyangtang” ginseng and health chain franchise store as the main model for preliminary exploration. After 5 years of full preparation, on the premise of confirming that it already has raw material resources, channel resources, and human resources, the health care products company stripped the original ginseng products in Xiuyangtang and established a special ginseng business chain organization-revised standard ginseng , The revised standard ginseng is a franchise franchise chain to open “modified standard ginseng specialty stores” and standard ginseng counters across the country, the main “Northeast Three Treasures” original ecological and refined products, supplemented by black fungus, wild vegetables, cordyceps, etc Other specialty products and Chinese medicinal materials, combined with Chinese traditional Chinese medicine health culture, are committed to providing consumers with conscientious, assured and standard ginseng products, and creating the first brand of Chinese ginseng.

At the same time, the health care products company will independently operate the high-quality products with health care qualifications among the ginseng products, and set up a fast-moving project department. The products enter traditional channels such as supermarkets in the form of fast-moving products, so that ginseng products are truly close to the people’s lives. At present, the supermarket line industry has three series, including ginseng drink series (mainly Kuyike drinks), ginseng tea series (ginseng tea, American ginseng tea, etc.), ginseng honey slice series (modified soft ginseng fresh ginseng honey slice, etc.). The products have the characteristics of significant efficacy, moderate price, suitable for daily consumption, and no large-scale competition varieties, and can quickly enter the market. In order to maximize the variety advantages of the health care product company, the original large health care product of the health care product company has another special person responsible. The main channels are OTC terminals and self-built training hall experience stores. At present, it has been confirmed that Shuchang oral liquid (moistening bowel and laxative), Miaotai oral liquid (sheep placenta extract), Guyuan Zhuanggu powder (adjusting blood lipids and enhancing bone density), dry selection soft capsules (ginseng, deer antler, snow clam as Health food with raw materials) and several other main products, covering high, middle and low end products, fully satisfying consumers’ self-use and gift-giving needs.

It is the consensus and strict self-requirement of all revisionists to make medicine of conscience and medicine of reassurance. The revision people strictly control the quality from all aspects. We believe that good medicine comes from authentic herbs. Changbai Mountain stretches for thousands of miles and is bred with thousands of Chinese medicinal materials, accounting for more than 1/3 of the total amount of Chinese medicinal materials in the country. Relying on the natural medicinal materials library of Changbai Mountain, the correction medicine industry strictly controls the raw materials, and has 22 raw materials tested. Heavy metals and pesticide residues. Good medicine comes from innovative technology. Modification Pharmaceutical has a national technology center and a national post-doctoral workstation. It has strong scientific research capabilities and strong technical support, and its research equipment is synchronized with Europe and the United States. Amendment Pharmaceutical invests tens of millions of yuan each year for equipment renewal, and uses cutting-edge technology to improve product efficacy.

For important modernization, good medicine comes from exceeding standards. Amendment Pharmaceutical strictly complies with GMP requirements and the production quality control standard is higher than the national standard. 77 modern quality inspections for product production, and the purification level of the production workshop exceeds 100,000, which is higher than the national standard. The air is filtered through 3 layers, which makes it easier for personnel to disinfect up to 16 times a day. Every 10 tons of tap water extracts 2 tons of equipment cleaning water, which is more pure than pure water. Raw materials, technology, technology, production, and management ensure that modified drugs are of higher quality and better curative effect. Good drugs come from modification.

Revise the brand strategy as the basic strategy for corporate development, formulate a clear brand positioning route with a forward-looking strategic vision, ensure the efficacy of drugs, respect human needs, and reflect the value of life. Amendments to carry out industrial layout across the country. Changchun, Beijing, Nanchang, Chengdu and other places have large-scale modern Chinese medicine scientific research bases and industrial bases and actively cultivate the international market to promote Chinese medicine to the world. At present, the revised products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia More than 40 countries and regions. Amendment Pharmaceutical has become the leading modern Chinese medicine company in China, and strives to become the world’s 100 compulsory medicine company in 2030.