Daily tea recommendation – lemon.

2022-01-20 By cnherb777 0

The benefits of lemon water:
1. Lemonade can prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, prevent and assist in the treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction. Lemon water contains a lot of citrate, which can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salts, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones, and even reducing the number of stones in some patients with chronic kidney stones. Lemon is also an expectorant, and the expectorant effect is stronger than that of orange and citrus. Add lemon juice to warm water and salt and drink it to cough up thick phlegm that has accumulated in your throat. At the beginning of the cold, you may wish to add lemon juice to honey and warm water to relieve sore throat and reduce throat discomfort. Cut the lemon into thin slices and soak it in water. It is best to use warm water when soaking, which will help preserve the nutrients in the lemon more.2. Calcium supplement: lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired effect, it is best to squeeze the juice with the peel as the most nutritious.
3. Drink lemon water regularly to supplement vitamin C. Drinking 500ml to 1000ml of lemonade a day when you have a cold can relieve symptoms such as runny nose and help the cold patient recover. When you have a cold, drinking lemon water can even make the cold “heal without medicine”. In addition to antibacterial and improving immunity, lemon water also has the effect of appetizing digestion, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst and relieving heat.
4. Lemonade to lose weight: Lemonade can quench thirst and dilute the desire to eat, so it can effectively inhibit improper eating, plus a total of 15 minutes of exercise a day, it is said that the effect will be very significant. The method is as follows: Add one liter of water to the juice of half a lemon and put it in the refrigerator. This weight loss method is to drink at least three liters of lemonade every day, no special diet or abstain from snacks, but lemonade must be added from time to time. In addition, it needs to be matched with 15 minutes of daily exercise, which does not need to be continuous. It can also be dispersed in time to help perspiration (to eliminate harmful substances in the body).
5. Lemonade detoxification: Detoxify with a large glass of lemonade on an empty stomach every morning. This method is simple and practical. Lemonade can eliminate harmful substances in the body, whiten, detoxify, clear the intestines, and can also quench thirst and dilute the desire to eat. No special Diet, kill two birds with one stone.
6. Lemonade beauty: method Cut lemons into thin slices and soak them in water. It is best to use warm water when soaking, which is conducive to preserving more nutrients in lemons. Of course, you can also add lemon slices when drinking black tea and beverages.
7. Lemonade eliminates constipation: Lemonade is rich in vitamin C, which is the catalyst to promote defecation. Drinking homemade lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning can solve the pain of constipation.
8. Lemonade delays aging: The unique citric acid of lemon can decompose the pigment particles accumulated under the skin, and strengthen the vitality and resistance of blood vessels.