Daily tea recommendation – plantain.

2022-01-17 By cnherb777 0

There are many benefits to the body after taking plantain. The detailed effects of drinking plantain in water are as follows:
1. After taking psyllium, it has the effect of expectorating phlegm and relieving cough, making the trachea become larger and slower. Therefore, if the body has various chronic bronchitis or whooping cough, taking psyllium can be very good. Body recovered;
2. Plantain has a certain diuretic effect, so it has a good therapeutic effect on occult nephritis;
3. Plantain also has a certain effect on the stomach and intestines. After entering the body, it can promote the secretion of intestinal juice, but this is temporary;
4. If there is diarrhea in children, drinking plantain in water also has a very good effect.
5. Plantain also has a certain role in resisting pathogenic microorganisms, which can well inhibit the inflammation of the body, and has a good therapeutic effect on various jaundice hepatitis, tongue sores, hemorrhoids, dysentery and mumps.
6. The general population is suitable for taking plantain, but if the patient’s body is slippery, it is recommended not to take it to avoid harm to the body.