Dry hair problem

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Folding care
People with dry hair should pay attention to choosing targeted toiletries in their daily washing and care.

  1. Specially use products “professional to solve dry hair” when shampooing. The only brand on the market that specializes in combating dryness is mainly Dicai’s “anti-drying” washing and care products, which can effectively improve the problem of mild dry hair in a short period of time. Flat and curled hair, make your hair silky smooth, soft and shiny. It contains the plant protein rich in Qilian essence, which can block it. L’Oreal professional shampoo for damaged hair is also good!

  2. Hair care also needs to return to the basics, don’t have to be too troublesome. After getting up, before going out, after washing your hair, at work, while shopping…the sprayable conditioner, the sprayable conditioner, one spray No need to clean, curls are eliminated, frizz is smoothed, the effect is immediate, and it can keep moisturizing for a long time, visibly moisturized, smooth to the touch, and anti-dryness is as simple as that.

  3. The once-a-week hair mask care is indispensable. The hair mask or inverted mask is used for deep care of the hair. The anti-dry essence inverted film can provide rich moisture to the hair, restore health and vitality, increase the resistance of the hair, and repair The damage caused by ultraviolet rays, high temperature and harmful substances in the air makes it easy for you to say BYE-BYE to hay.

The best way to care for dry hair

The popular hairstyles are changed at any time, follow the trend, endless perm and dyed hair, the hair becomes more and more fragile over time, and what kind of hairstyles for thatch-dry hair will not be very fashionable. Give dry hair well. Take care, the grassroots hair care tips below will help you grow beautiful hair!

  1. Grassroots hair care tips

  2. The condition of hair can be completely improved only by supplementing and conditioning the hair. There is no quick and effective way to repair damaged hair. You can only restore the hair from the inside out, and adjust the diet slowly to achieve the effect of curing the symptoms and curing the root cause. By “eating”, you can grow a healthy and beautiful head. Hair.

Eat more foods: For dry hair, you can eat more foods rich in protein, vitamin A, b, and iodine, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, black beans, shepherd’s purse, carp, oranges and other foods are good, they can help make up for hair loss The nourishment, repair damaged hair from the root, let the hair slowly return to its natural and healthy state.

Eat less food: Fatty foods and spicy and sweet foods are best not to eat or eat less, these foods are likely to make your hair’s sebaceous glands excessive secretion, which will cause blockage and cause the hair to become more dry.

  1. Physical sunscreen, keep ultraviolet rays away from the damage

In fact, hair is very fragile. If exposed to the scorching sun for a long time in summer, the strong ultraviolet rays will destroy the interstitial cement in the hair, which will open or peel off the hair scales, making the hair look like It is generally “hay”. Although there are many hair care products on the market that claim to protect against ultraviolet rays, long-term exposure can be said that any hair care products are difficult to resist, so the best and most effective way is when you go out. Open the protective umbrella, or choose to wear a fashionable sun hat, physical sun protection can truly protect your hair from ultraviolet rays.

  1. Separate washing and care, and meticulous care can make the hair regain its beauty

Dry and damaged hair loses the protection of natural glue and surface oil, so moisture or moisture in the air can easily penetrate into the hair, which will cause the structure of the hair to swell and become fragile. Therefore, only through a series of more delicate maintenance, the fiber gaps of the hair can truly get adequate nutrition, and the hair can truly be restored and strengthened.

It is best to massage your hair for a longer time when washing your hair. This can stimulate the scalp, increase blood circulation in the scalp, and help the hair roots absorb more moisturizing ingredients; after washing the hair, apply a little to the hair. A layer of high-moisturizing conditioner or hair mask, so that the unique moisturizing substance can be attached to the surface of the hair, providing a protective film for the hair, so that the moisture and nutrients needed by the hair will not be easily lost ; If split ends and cracks appear at the tip of the hair, trim and use the deep-repairing conditioner as soon as possible, so as to truly improve the dryness and damage of the hair; when you feel that your hair is relatively dry, still You can apply a multi-effect protective spray to your hair to make your hair “full”.

Weapon White Paper on Dry Hair Care

Hairspray contains chemical ingredients, just like electric hair dyeing, too much use will easily damage the hair tissue; while the temperature when blowing the hair is too hot, it will easily cause the moisture on the surface of the hair to lose and become dry.

Hair masks and oils are just like facial masks, which can double the absorption of nutrients in the face, and hair can also be used as hair masks; oils and hair masks can lock the loss of protein and moisture, so that the hair can increase the chance of absorbing nutrients and restore vitality.


Wash the wet hair first, and then evenly spread the hair mask or oil products all over the hair, but do not directly touch the scalp, then wrap the hair with plastic wrap, heat it for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off.


  1. When using a hair mask or baking oil, it is best to have steam at the same time, because the heat can expand the space of the particles on the surface of the hair and make it easier for the hair to absorb the nutrients it needs.

  2. You might as well apply a hair mask or oil products to your hair when you take a bath, then wrap it up, and then use hot water to shower, so that the heat of the hot water will have the effect of steam to help the hair absorb nutrients.

  3. Baking oil and hair mask products are divided into bleaching and dyeing, perm and dry hair. Remember to know your hair quality before making a choice.

  4. If you want your hair to regain its radiance quickly, you can do it every two days. Cut off the split ends and bake oil for better results.