Easily slim down a small V face!

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Benefits and effects of facial massage
1. Facial lifting massage can help the skin absorb nutrients and promote blood circulation. The blood can bring nutrients to the cells, make the cells grow, and take waste and carbon dioxide out of the body to keep the skin clean.
2. Nourish the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissues, and make the skin firm.
3. The facial lifting massage can raise the body temperature of the face, open the pores of the face, and drain the sebum and dust from the pores, which can make the pores more comfortable and make the skin cleaner and healthier.
4. Massage can make the skin softer and smoother, and slow down the speed of skin aging.
5. Massage helps to consume too much fluid in the tissues, thus reducing the swelling and sinking of the skin.
6. Massage can improve the appearance of the skin, balance the secretion of the skin, help maintain the proper moisture of the cells, and proper moisture can improve the skin texture and make the skin more moisturized and younger.