Elderly people need to adjust their sleep time according to their age.

2022-04-12 By cnherb777 0

Physiology believes that the quality of sleep in the elderly has a great relationship with their physical and mental health. Because sleep helps reduce the consumption of brain cells, helps to eliminate self-fatigue, enhance the body’s immune function, help the central nervous system to balance and regulate, delay the aging of various organs, and at the same time can promote the body’s metabolic activities, adjust movement and static, tension A balance of relaxation, work and rest.

   For this reason, the sleep time of the elderly should be appropriately arranged according to the physiological characteristics, physical conditions and age differences of the elderly. Physiological studies suggest that under normal conditions,

  People aged 60-70 should sleep at least 9-10 hours a day

  70-80 year olds should sleep no less than 10-11 hours a day

  80-90-year-olds need to sleep for 11-12 hours a day (for each age group grade, the sleep time should be increased by 1 hour). If one day and night lack of sleep, the next day should take a nap to remedy, to meet the basic physiological needs of the elderly sleep time.

The elderly should not fall in love with the bed and become lethargic. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that “long-term lying hurts the qi”, so it is advocated that “if you sleep until the right amount is enough, the spirit will be calm and the qi will be full, which is very beneficial. If you lie down for a long time and sleep more, the body will be weak, depressed and dizzy. .”