Feel that you are not tall enough? Genes don’t decide everything, so hurry up and do this long-high exercise

2021-12-24 By CN Herb CN Health 0

Guide Height is a topic that modern people pay special attention to, especially those families where both parents are short in height. They are very worried that their children will not grow tall, which will affect the future of finding a job and talking with them. Are children whose parents are not tall are destined to not grow taller? Is there any way to realize the dream of growing taller the day after tomorrow? Professor Zhu Yuqi, an orthopedic specialist, teaches you how to increase your height. Do the right exercise, being short and tall is not a dream Author/Zhu Yuqi The reality is cruel. In families where both parents are not high, the probability of children growing taller is very low. This is determined by their genetic factors. After reading this, many people will ask, is there no way? Are we destined to be short of this life? No! Half of your height is caused by certain genetic factors. There is no doubt that, but the other half is based on your own efforts. Your dream of growing tall can still be realized. picture The year before last, there was a happy event in my hometown. When I went back to my hometown, an old watch from a distant place brought his son to me and said: “Cousin, the child is 15 years old. Now it’s only 1.65 meters, and he has only grown one centimeter in a few months. His classmates have grown very fast, and now he is the shortest in their class. He has no desire to study all day long. See if there is any way to make him taller.” After listening, I told him a method for him to practice regularly. This method is divided into six different exercises. picture Increase exercise method Warm-up exercise: Move the joints of the limbs, keep your back straight, lean forward, stretch your hands and swipe backward and upward. Walk: swing your arms sharply and walk forward forcefully. Run: Run downhill in small steps. At the same time, put your fists on your shoulders, turn your arms forward with your elbows bent, and quickly run and jump 25-50 meters. Repeat 4-6 times, taking a break after each time. Stretching: Stretch your hands up, then stretch them in all directions while standing on your heels. Repeat 6 to 8 times, taking a break in between. Exercise on the bar: Hanging (20-60 seconds). When hanging, turn your body to the right and left with your feet close together; swing your body forward and backward, in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Pull ups, keep your back straight, lift up, grab the horizontal bar, and use the inertia of the jump to do pull-ups. Repeat each action 6 to 8 times. picture Jump: When jumping up, try to jump higher than the last time or reach a certain height. Jump down from a higher place when jumping down, and bend your legs vigorously when you hit the ground. You can choose the above exercises appropriately, but you must do the exercises in accordance with the prescribed amount from the beginning; gradually increase the amount of exercise; fully prepare before exercise; take a break after each exercise, let the breathing be steady, shake the limbs, and relax; do After completing the exercises, lie flat on the floor, tighten the muscles of your back and buttocks, and slightly straighten your waist. Do this exercise no less than three times a week for 35 to 45 minutes each time. Be sure to persist! Fang may receive unexpected results. The last time I walked with my relatives, I saw the distant nephew. He was already much taller than his parents and his personality was much more cheerful. When he saw me, he ran to me and said, “Thank you so much, uncle. I am tall. It’s almost 1.76 meters.” Many people will say that short people are “second-degree disability”, especially children who are still in adolescence. They often compare with each other, do not understand each other, and say something awkward to short classmates. This will not only make The child’s self-esteem is frustrated, and it will also affect the child’s learning. Faced with these problems, parents often buy some medicines for their children to grow taller. There are all kinds of medicines on the market, but they often don’t work. Tell every parent, if you want to grow taller, don’t let your children take any tall pills. Three-drug! Many so-called drugs that can grow taller are not only expensive, but also have little effect. In short, if you want to give full play to your child’s potential to grow taller, and get rid of the trouble of being “short”, you should practice according to the above method. In addition, you can allow your children to eat more vegetables and foods rich in calcium and zinc, eat less junk food, and develop good eating habits and work and rest habits.