Food applications of maltose

2021-12-29 By cnherb888 0

Food application

  1. Maltose syrup contains a lot of dextrin, which has good crystallization resistance. There will be no crystal precipitation in frozen food. It also has the effect of preventing other sugars from crystallizing, so that it can be prevented during the production of jam and jelly. The crystallization of sucrose can prolong the shelf life of food.

  2. Maltose syrup has good fermentability, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of bread, cakes and beer.

  3. Maltose syrup has the effect of preventing starch condensation and aging, and can increase the shelf life of jelly, jam and canned food with starch.

  4. Maltose syrup has low sweetness, low hygroscopicity and high moisture retention. The maltose with one molecule of crystal water is very stable, which increases the moisture retention of food. Adding maltose syrup to the pastry can make the pastry fresh and delicious.