Foods that can lower blood sugar

2020-12-24 By CN Herb CN Health 0

(1) Laver
It is rich in seaweed polysaccharides, protein, fat, carotene, vitamins, etc. The seaweed polysaccharides can significantly reduce fasting blood sugar. Generally, seaweed can be used for soup and soup.
(2) Garlic
Contains a variety of sulfur-containing volatile compounds, thiosulfinates, glycosides, polysaccharides, lipids and other compounds. Garlic has good bactericidal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, protecting blood vessels, and protecting liver. Garlic can be eaten raw, cooked, simmered, or used as an ingredient.
(3) Bitter gourd
Bitter gourd extract has a significant effect on lowering blood sugar. Bitter gourd can be decocted or made cold, or it can be squeezed or dried to make tea.