Give you the effect of your dreams. Do not exercise or diet, secretly lose weight.

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Massage techniques:
After applying massage oil on the breasts, massage in circular motions from the underarms along the periphery of the chest from the outside to the inside. You can also massage in a figure eight between the breasts. Place the thumb on the outside of the breast, put the other four fingers together, open the tiger’s mouth, push from the outside to the center, and at the same time put the four fingers of the other hand together to lift the breast to the center, move 3-5 times and then change the breast to massage alternately. Open the mouth of both hands, lift and push up from the outer side of the breast to the center, and do about 20 strokes in each round. 5-6 rounds.
Reminder: In order to maintain the lubrication during the massage, there will be excess essential oil remaining on the skin surface, which needs to be wiped off or washed off. When using this product, avoid the menstrual period, avoid the nipple, areola and other parts. Use with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Please keep it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep away from children.