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GNC (General Nutrition Centers) from the United States was established in 1935. It is the world’s largest specialty nutrition and health food chain store and a leading brand in the US health food market. Dedicated to creating a healthy life for human beings, GNC is an exquisite high-end specialty store and health management center with “LiveWell” as its appeal; its territory covers 48 countries around the world and has more than 7000 chain stores. GNC specializes in the production and provision of high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition and other nutritional health products to consumers who seek high-quality health.

For more than 70 years, all GNC product development and manufacturing processes have been rigorously tested, and the original “150 quality assurance measures” have been strictly implemented. We will never compromise on quality control to ensure that the products sold are safe and safe for consumers to use. GNC stores across the province are all trained in professional nutrition knowledge and service skills, so GNC customers can enjoy the best service while buying the most value-added products in the stores.

Development History

In 1935, David Shakarian realized his dream and established a small store specializing in selling health food in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, called Lackzoom. Shakarian’s is located at 418 Wood Street in downtown Pittsburgh

Lackzoom specializes in yeast milk (Yogurt). In the United States, his father helped promote and sell other healthy foods, such as honey, cereals, and healthy sandwiches. At that time, healthy food was considered an outdated industry, but people accepted it with pleasure. For the products sold in this Shakarian’s store, his first day’s revenue was only $35, but after just six months, he opened a second branch.

In 1936, the flood disaster caused Shakarian’s two stores to be completely destroyed. However, he did not give up hope and reopened two stores at the same location. In just five years, he owned six stores. In 1947, He decided to tell people about the benefits of healthy food for humans. In the 1960s, when people began to accept natural foods and better food nutrition concepts, Shakarian decided to open stores in other states and counties. At this time, he changed the name of the store to GNC (General Nutrition Center); While GNC Jiananxi Store continued to grow in the United States, it also began to produce vitamins, mineral supplements, food, beverages, and cosmetics… etc. In the early 1980s, GNC Jiananxi’s bases also exceeded 1,000 stores.

Founder David Shakarian passed away in 1984, but GNC Jiananxi continues to expand its business based on David Shakarian’s dream. GNC is based in Pittsburgh, and its headquarters is only two blocks away from the two stores where it started. Today, it is the world’s largest and most professional health food manufacturer. Its products include vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, sports nutrition supplements, and personal care related products. GNC Jiananxi has a total of more than 4,800 retail stores, more than 1,300 domestic distribution locations and more than 1,000 store-in-shop outlets. In addition, under the strategic alliance, there are more than 49 foreign markets such as Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, etc., with a total of more than 5,800 business locations, making GNC Jiananxi the world’s largest nutritional food store.

Quality certification, GNC Jiananxi can ensure the highest quality of products, and let products help you be healthier.

GNC has been strictly implementing the unique “150 quality assurance measures” for more than 70 years, and all product development and manufacturing processes have been strictly tested. Currently best-selling products in the world, such as MegaMen, UltraMega, FishBodyOil, etc., have successfully passed the industry’s two most rigorous independent certification bodies “Association of Official Analytical Chemists International” (AOACINTERNATIONAL) and “Consumer Lab” (ConsumerLab, CL). Critical review. After passing the tests of these two independent verification agencies, it can ensure that consumers continue to use GNC nutrition products with peace of mind and experience its excellent effects in many aspects.

GNC Jiananxi continues to focus on the research and development of high-quality products, and develop products that meet customer needs, so that customers have a good choice. Since our establishment, our commitment and practice to customers has been to set a high standard in the health and nutrition industry, dedicated to helping our consumers improve their lives through better nutrition and healthy life knowledge. quality.

GNC is one of the largest health food companies in the world. From the initial scientific research to discover new products, to manufacturing and packaging processing, GNC Jiananxi has a close relationship with you. From the moment you buy products in stores, GNC will uphold We will serve you with the strictest quality.

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