How do women get bigger breasts

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Breast enhancement method


Acupuncture for breast enhancement


Acupuncture breast enhancement is to regulate the internal qi and blood of the human body, so that the supply to the chest is full and vigorous, so that the breasts can get sufficient nutrition and promote the development and growth of the breasts.


Two major features:


The first point is that there are no toxic side effects at all. Acupuncture breast enhancement can be said to be a kind of health care breast enhancement. It is based on the health of the chest. It only stimulates the acupuncture points of the human body through acupuncture needles to achieve the purpose of promoting breast development without oral administration. Or smearing or even surgery, is completely reassuring.


The second point is that while acupuncture and moxibustion are used for breast enhancement, it not only regulates the breasts, but also regulates the overall internal endocrine system of women, enhances the cell vitality of various tissues, and stimulates the fat in the breasts while supplementing qi and blood for the breasts. Cells grow, making the breasts bulge and elastic at the same time.


essential oil breast enhancement


Essential oil breast enhancement is mainly based on conditioning, the plant hormones are absorbed through the skin and respiratory system, and enter the pituitary gland to adjust the body’s endocrine. The principle is to stimulate the secretion of the pituitary gland, enzymes and hormones through the sense of smell and skin absorption, and then promote the absorption of breast enhancement essential oils and acupoint massage through scientific and reasonable massage techniques, promote the increase of cell volume, and promote the lengthening of breast ducts. Branches to enhance the development of breast tissue and aid in breast enlargement, and also promote the development of adipose tissue and ligaments around the breasts that support and shape the breasts. It also helps in the maintenance of collagen fibers in the skin and the growth of new cells, which can make the breasts fuller and firmer. This redevelopment process is the same as the natural development of female puberty, so your new size and shape is permanent after the consolidation phase. Coupled with massage techniques, it can also delay breast sagging and atrophy caused by age and fertility problems.


massage method


push breasts


First, use the right palm to exert force on the upper part of the left breast, that is, under the clavicle, push down evenly and gently to the root of the breast, and then push back up along the original route. After doing 20 to 50 times, change the left hand to massage the right breast for 20 to 50 times. Second-rate.


push breasts


Use the base of the left palm and the palm surface to exert force from the middle of the chest, push the right breast laterally until the armpit, and use the five fingers to bring back the breast tissue when returning. After repeating 20 to 50 times, switch to the right hand to massage the left breast for 20 to 50 Second-rate.


hot compress breast massage


Before going to bed every night, apply a hot towel to both breasts for 3 to 5 minutes, and massage around the breasts with the palm of your hand, from left to right, massage 20 to 50 times. Just massage 1 time a day according to the above method, and insist on massage for 2 to 3 months, which can make the breast uplift 2 to 3 cm.


four fingers together


Gently massage the breast for one minute from the nipple to the surrounding with the belly of the finger; the action should be gentle during the operation, and the force should not be too heavy.


time selection


It is best to massage the breasts with the above three methods after bathing.


Essential oils taboo


Taboo 1: Randomly choose the type of essential oil


Taboo 2: Coveting to buy essential oils cheaply


Taboo 3: Apply directly without diluting essential oils


Taboo 4: Use essential oils too often


Breast beauty techniques


Combine four fingers, cover the lower edge of the chest with the palm and the pulp of the fingers, slide and massage from the outside to the inside until the maintenance product is fully absorbed, effectively improving the outward expansion of the chest.


Combine four fingers, cover the outer edge of the chest with the palm and the pulp of the fingers, while sliding from bottom to top, push the armpit fat inward, massage until the maintenance product is completely absorbed, prevent the breast from sagging, and help improve the phenomenon of auxiliary breasts.


Combine four fingers, and alternately tap the lower edge of the chest with both hands from bottom to top, massage until the product is absorbed, which can effectively improve the sagging breasts.


menstrual breast enhancement

When is the golden period of breast enhancement? How to effectively enhance breast during the golden period? Come and see!

Beautiful Workout:


  1. Massage your chest for 15 minutes before going to bed every night, do not sleep with a bra.


  1. It is best to take a bath before going to bed every night. After bathing, before the skin is dry, apply chest muscle tightening cream, massage cream or spray breast enhancement spray, and then massage counterclockwise for 15 minutes.


Beautiful Diet Sutra:


Women’s menstrual breast enhancement, after each menstrual period, is also the best time to take care of the body! The special physiological characteristics and necessary protective measures of the menstrual period have to be paid attention to. During menstrual period breast enhancement, the traditional Chinese herbal diet supplemented by nourishing blood and supplementing Qi can make up for the deficiency after the loss and prepare for the next menstruation!


  1. Choosing foods that can provide enough calcium and combining with proper chest exercises will be more effective for breast enhancement.


  1. Drink more milk. In order to promote the first spring, the second spring and even the Nth spring of the breast, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin E and favorable hormone secretion, such as cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, corn oil and rapeseed oil etc.


  1. Vitamin B group also contributes to hormone synthesis, it exists in whole grains, beans, milk, beef and other foods.


  1. Vitamin A foods: such as cauliflower, cabbage, sunflower oil, etc., are conducive to hormone secretion and help breast development.


  1. Foods rich in gelatin: such as sea cucumbers, pig feet, tendons, etc., are also holy products for breast enhancement.


Menstrual breast enhancement note:


  1. Be in a good mood. Breast swelling and pain during the menstrual period does not mean that the health of the body is abnormal, so keep a happy mood and spend the menstrual period easily.


2, with nutrition. Women who are in menstruation should pay attention to nutritional intake, especially should consume more protein-rich foods. No matter when they are properly matched with nutrition, it is a necessary condition to ensure a healthy body.


  1. Use with caution. Casually taking some medicines to eliminate pain during menstrual period will cause endocrine disorders. You need to be careful when taking medicines, especially in special periods. You should take medicines according to the doctor’s instructions.


4, with the chest massage. Menstrual period with chest massage, can help reduce inflammation, but also help breast enhancement. During the physiological cycle, proper massage can promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, which can effectively relieve tension and help eliminate some tissue inflammation.


  1. Avoid strenuous exercise. During menstruation, women’s breasts are more sensitive, and it is likely to aggravate breast pain due to strenuous exercise. Therefore, during menstruation, unnecessary trauma and extrusion should be avoided.