How men are more durable

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How men are more durable

Men who want to last longer can take the following methods: First, exercise more to effectively improve their physical fitness, and insist on doing aerobic exercises to supplement the kidney qi and make men more durable during sex;
The second is to develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Falling asleep before 11 o’clock in the evening can help men’s renal function recovery; third, you can usually eat more high-protein, multi-vitamin foods , such as beef, dog meat, Leeks, soy products and the like.

Men are of course the longer-lasting, the better, so not only do you take appropriate measures such as condoms, but you also have to work hard on men’s sexual ability to be more durable and make women more obedient to you. Here are 10 selected and summarized methods to improve sexual performance and make you more durable.
1 set, condom, condom. Not only for contraception, but also an important function is to make the sexual organs less sensitive, which greatly prolongs the time of love. It just becomes lasting.
2 aerobic exercise.
An important indicator of endurance is that you have to have a certain endurance, especially endurance. Getting up early and running in the morning has an obvious effect on lasting combat effectiveness.
3 Abdominal training.
The muscles of the abdominal muscles are related to the muscles of the sex organs, so the training of the abdominal muscles is approximately equal to the training of the muscles of the sex organs, which is the key to draw the red line. 100 each time.
3 Gravity squat.
Gravity squat is a powerful training for the leg muscles. In terms of endurance, it must be tenable, so that it can last longer.
4 hip training
The buttocks are the muscles directly related to the sexual organs, and they are also the closest muscles, so the training of the buttocks is also the most important. When you exercise, contract and relax your buttocks 100 times.
5 Meditation training.
Meditation is a kind of yoga. When you meditate, you can imagine that you are in love, and then the fighting power is super strong and very long-lasting. This is the subconscious promotion of your sexual consciousness, so it is also an important exercise to improve your endurance.
6 Fish protein.
Eating fish is one of the easiest ways to improve endurance. Fish protein is a great replenishment of the sex organs, so the replenishment of fish protein three times a week is not an exaggeration.
7 Drug coordination.

In terms of improving endurance, it is appropriate to use some safe health medicines to have a direct effect. As for which drugs need to be considered, it is not recommended.

Ten ways to make men last longer
Libido moderation.

Intemperance of many men leads to the problem of declining endurance. It depends on the things like love, don’t just look at these things. Know how to control.

Ten ways to make men last longer
Check reference books.

There are some secret secret techniques for improving endurance in the folks that are not spread on the Internet, so you need to spend your own time to check on books and classics.