How old people should eat meat

2021-12-28 By cnherb666 0

In our daily diet, meat is indispensable. No matter what kind of meat is rich in nutrients, it contains a variety of essential substances for the human body. However, eating too much fat in the elderly is not good for health. So, how should the elderly eat meat more appropriate? 1. More stew and less stir-fried stew is tender and tender, and the chewing function of the elderly mostly declines. Stewed meat is more suitable. Meat is stewed, saturated fatty acids can be reduced by 30%-50%, unsaturated fatty acids are increased, cholesterol content is reduced, and nutrition is better. 2. Pay attention to matching 1. Pork and beef should be matched with soy products: soy products contain a lot of lecithin, which can emulsify plasma, make cholesterol and fat particles smaller, and suspend in the plasma without depositing on the blood vessel wall, which can prevent plaque formation. 2. Mushrooms are matched with chicken. Mushrooms are rich in guanylate, and chicken is rich in inosinate. When the two are cooked at the same time, they will release free sodium glutamate, which greatly increases the flavor. 3. Fish and tofu match well. Tofu contains more calcium, and the rich vitamin D in fish can enhance the body’s absorption of calcium. More importantly, the content of methionine in tofu is less, while the content of methionine in fish is rich; the content of phenylalanine in fish is less, but the content in tofu is high. Mixed consumption of the two can learn from each other’s strengths and increase the nutritional value.