How to deal with constipation in children

2022-01-26 By cnherb666 0
  1. Diet adjustment. After adjusting the diet, most children’s constipation symptoms can be relieved. For example, when milk-fed infants are constipated, fruits can be added appropriately, and older infants can be added with honey. Fruits and crude fiber foods, etc. 2. Develop good defecation habits and defecation training habits. Defecation is a conditioned reflex exercise. Generally, babies over three months old can start training, and they can develop the habit by performing it continuously for about a month. For chronic constipation in older children, in addition to encouraging them to exercise more and eat more fiber-rich foods, they should also go to the toilet on time and develop good bowel habits. 3. Massage: If the constipation is mild and mild, but the problem of constipation often occurs, it can be treated by massage.