How to eat breakfast healthy?

2022-01-13 By cnherb666 0

Tips for healthy breakfast: 1. It is easy to have indigestion when you wake up and eat breakfast after getting up 20 to 30 minutes later. 2. For those who have the habit of getting up early, breakfast can be arranged after 7 o’clock. 3. Don’t eat too fast just because you are in a hurry, so as not to damage the digestive system. 4. Breakfast should also be scheduled at a certain time, otherwise it will affect digestion and absorption. 5. Food eaten after breakfast cannot replace breakfast, so skipping breakfast depends entirely on snacks Unscientific. 6. Parents’ role models are very important. Only when parents take the lead in eating a nutritious and healthy breakfast will children develop good breakfast habits.

Plate of breakfast with fried eggs, bacon and toasts