How to lose weight the fastest and most effective way

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The fastest way to thin legs: a piece of paper between the knees

People who sit for a long time will often complain about their thick buttocks and thighs. In fact, this has a lot to do with sitting posture. The correct sitting posture should be to keep the back and abdomen close, not against the chair surface. If you lean on the back of the chair, the muscles of the back will be stretched, which can easily lead to low back pain for a long time. On the contrary, if you keep your back and your belly close, you can not only prevent abdominal fat accumulation, but also stretch your back muscles and help you concentrate on work. People who are sedentary can hold a piece of paper between their knees. Many people always cross their legs from time to time when sitting, which not only makes it easy to bend over, but also hinders blood circulation. Use such a small piece of paper to restrain yourself, and you will see beautiful legs if you stick to it for a while.
The fastest way to stovepipe 2: Massage stovepipe method

Massage is the most direct and effective way to shape the legs. It stimulates the acupoints on the legs, promotes blood and lymph circulation, discharges toxins, and eliminates edema. At the same time, it can also stimulate the important acupoints distributed on the legs to adjust hormone secretion. You can massage your feet a lot at night.
The fastest way to stovepipe three: magic ball stovepipe method

While eliminating leg swelling, it is also necessary to exercise the calf muscles. Teach you a simple method, two billiard-sized fitness balls can allow you to exercise your leg muscles at any time. Whether sitting at a desk or on the sofa at home, you can place these two fitness balls on the soles of your feet and use the power of your legs to drive them to slide back and forth. For people with thick calves, low-intensity exercise is the best way to exercise. Massage the soles of your feet while exercising your calf muscles. Also, because your legs are going back and forth, you can no longer have the opportunity to cross your legs.
Four Fastest Ways to Thin Legs: Raise Your Heels

If you want to tone your calf muscles and lose the excess fat on them, all you need to do is lift your heels, stand on your toes for a few seconds, and return to your original position. Repeating this movement several times throughout the day is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. And in addition to stovepipe, but also exercise the flexibility of the feet.
The fastest way to lose weight five: one minute before going to bed

  1. Lie flat on the bed, with both legs clamped at 45 degrees and knees raised in the air. 2. Bend the left leg to the maximum extent, and try to climb the right leg upward as far as possible. The foot surface is always in a hooked state, which is conducive to stretching the muscle line of small retreat. The two legs are always clamped, which is conducive to pulling the inner thigh muscle line. Lower the right leg and bend it to the maximum, and try to climb up with the left leg, clamp the legs, and repeat the action just now.