How to maintain liver in winter

2020-12-13 By CN Herb 0

How to maintain liver in winter:
1. Keep warm and avoid wind and cold. Keeping the liver warm in winter is the most important thing. In winter, you must keep your head warm, back warm, and feet warm (these three parts are the most vulnerable to cold). In addition, women should pay special attention to keeping their abdomen warm during their menstrual period.
2. When the sun is full, participating in appropriate outdoor activities can not only relieve the mood, but also help the sun to grow hair and replenish calcium. Pay special attention to the maintenance of the back, so that the back can be exposed to the sun, which will help the kidneys to grow hair.
3. In winter, the foundation is to condense the yin and hide the yang. In terms of emotions, we must carefully soothe the nerves, avoid irritability, and let the yang energy conceal. And because the winter is cold and gloomy, it is easy to make people feel depressed, so in winter, you should also adjust your attitude and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.