How to prevent cerebral infarction

2021-12-27 By cnherb888 0

The doctor said that hydration, blood pressure control, and disease prevention are the methods to prevent cerebral infarction. In summer, people’s blood tends to be viscous under high temperature conditions. If you don’t replenish water in time, the formation of thrombus will cause cerebral infarction. The reason why many people can’t get water in time is that even if they feel thirsty, they don’t drink water for various reasons, which is not conducive to disease prevention and treatment. For your own health, you must not only drink plenty of water, but also control your blood pressure. If the temperature is too high, blood pressure will drop easily. Sustained low blood pressure can induce disease. When you are unconscious, you must be aware of your low blood pressure and add sugar in time to avoid sudden death.