how to remove dirt from toilet

2022-02-24 By cnherb666 0
  1. Regular cleaning of the water tank method: Many people only clean the toilet and ignore the water tank. In fact, there is a lot of dirt in the water tank. You can clean it with a toilet cleaner at home, then wipe it with a cloth, and finally put some hot water. The cleaning effect very good.

  2. Sandpaper descaling method: Use the finest sandpaper to rub the dirt on the toilet to remove dirt that cannot be removed by detergents.

  3. Waste soap head method: put together the remaining soap head at home, put it in an unused stocking, and scrub the toilet wall with the soap head covered with stockings, the decontamination effect is excellent.

  4. Baking soda descaling: Sprinkle baking soda in the toilet, and then brew with hot water for half an hour, the dirt can be brushed off.

  5. Bleaching powder solution descaling method: first wipe with bleaching powder solution, and then rinse with water after a while.

  6. Scrub the toilet with a self-made small brush: the flush toilet produces yellow dirt, which is difficult to clean with a brush. You can tie the waste nylon socks to one end of the stick, dip it in a foaming detergent to scrub, and clean it once a month to keep the toilet white. .

  7. Vinegar descaling method: Pour the mixture of vinegar and water into the toilet, and after soaking for half a day, the scale will be wiped off immediately.

  8. Descaling with detergent: first put an appropriate amount of water in the toilet, wash it with a toilet brush, then pour 5-10 ml of detergent, apply it evenly with a brush, and then brush.

9.84 Disinfectant: I accidentally found a good way to clear the dirt in the toilet. It not only saves time and effort, but also works well and the cost is not high. Before going to bed at night, pour out a little of the 84 disinfectant in the water storage place of the toilet. Soak overnight, and don’t use the toilet again. Rinse off normally the next morning and the toilet will be as clean as new.

  1. Cola descaling: This belongs to waste recycling. It is a pity that we usually drink the rest of the cola and throw it away. It can be introduced into the toilet and soaked for a period of time, and the dirt can be removed. If the removal is incomplete, you can use a brush to remove it.