How to use oral effervescent tablets?

2021-12-21 By CN Herb CN Health 0

How to use oral effervescent tablets? The correct way to take oral effervescent tablets is: take half a cup of cold water or warm water, about 150mL~200mL, but do not use hot water and boiling water, put all the tablets in a single dose into the cup, and wait until the bubbles disappear and the medicine is completely After it has melted, shake it well, and then take it. When using effervescent tablets, the water temperature should not be too high, as too high temperature will affect the efficacy of the drug. Effervescent tablets should not be taken with tea or beverages, nor should they be swallowed directly. Because effervescent tablets not only contain drugs, but also disintegrants, such as sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate. The disintegrant reacts with water to produce carbon dioxide gas, which is why the effervescent tablet produces a lot of bubbles when it is flushed with water. If you take the effervescent tablet directly, a large amount of carbon dioxide gas will be produced in the gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, and respiratory tract. The milder may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and the severer may cause hypoxia and suffocation, especially in infants and the elderly and infirm patients. Life is in danger.