I don’t live in the memory, I just think of you occasionally

2021-12-26 By cnherb666 0

A few days ago, when I was celebrating my birthday, I realized that time really passed quickly. I changed a city, and there was a wave of people around me. I am very grateful to the people who accompanied me and miss you once. Remember, the first blessing I received in the early morning of 18 years old last year was given by you. No phone, no text messages, just a simple “Happy Birthday” qq message, which made me excited to read it over and over again, trying to find out its meaning, now that I think about it, maybe it’s just a simple blessing Bar. As for me now, maybe it is even more irrelevant in your heart. I have forgotten when I met you, maybe from the beginning of my memory, there is you. In fact, I really believe in fate, the world is so big, how difficult it is to meet it. We watched each other’s transformation, from immaturity to maturity. Once we lived in a world, that world, where spring flowers bloom, summer is not so noisy, even if we listen to the end of autumn, there is no loneliness, even the winter sun. , Are so heart-warming. I have never been ambiguous, and I have never held hands, but they are still so tacit about each other. It is enough to have you and me. At that time, the gardenias bloomed, and the fragrance of the flowers fragrant the entire campus. When taking pictures and framing, it is always necessary to use it as a background. You picked a gardenia in bud and put it on my tall ponytail, looked at me carefully, and then we took a group photo. The gardenias bloom every year, which is always a prelude to parting. The first few times may not feel much, but when it is our turn to leave, we are full of emotions. Looking back at the teaching building, playground, dormitory, canteen, we are here. There are countless unerasable footprints back and forth. We are not together, but there are still many intersections. Near the end of the term, I will give you a review and physical fitness test. You accompany me to run 800 meters, and occasionally go home together after school.
When I knew that you had her, I remembered when we stopped cherishing each other. I used to think we would not leave, but in fact, we didn’t say goodbye seriously, and we disappeared. Perhaps leaving from the world of one person is such a silent one. Recalling this period of youth, you may feel regretful, but no matter what method you use, how great your achievements, how wonderful the picture, you always feel that it is still imperfect, more or less regrettable. Because of this, youth is worth remembering by all of us. Even though life is more realistic, I still don’t live in the memory, I just think of you occasionally.