If you want to be healthy, you should keep these 4 health principles in mind!

2021-12-28 By cnherb777 0
  1. Dietary principles
    Health maintenance is divided into internal health maintenance and external health maintenance. In fact, internal health maintenance refers to dietary conditioning. Only foodIt is good for the health of the body to promote the normal operation of body functions. The main dietary principles are as follows, one is usually Eat less meat and eat more coarse grains rich in crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote excretion. Usually when cooking, it’s best Less salt and more vinegar, because eating too much salt will increase liver metabolism, which is likely to cause water and sodium retention. Some businesses now In the name of health preservation, various medicated diets are promoted. Although they have a certain health preservation effect, they are three-point poison and it is best to take less medicine. In daily life, you should drink less coffee and other functional beverages, and drink more tea to promote oil and fat scraping.

2. Principles of drinking water
As lifestyles are becoming more and more fast-paced nowadays, many people only think of drinking water when they are thirsty. That In fact, this approach is wrong. The body is already a bit late in replenishing water when it transmits the signal of lack of water to the brain. Finally every morning Drink a glass of warm water or light salt water while in bed to promote gastrointestinal motility. You can usually drink more water with lemon juice or lemon slices. Conducive to metabolism. Make sure to drink enough water every day, but don’t drink too much, don’t drink water before going to bed, otherwise it will happen on the second day Formation of edema.

3. The principle of exercise
Usually, it is best to choose walking. In non-emergency situations, you should drive less and take a car less, and exercise at an appropriate time every day. walk
Or running is beneficial to enhance cardiovascular function. For the elderly and the frail and sick, it can enhance immunity and prevent old age.
The occurrence of the disease.
4. Emotions need to be adjusted
Usually, you should maintain a state of peace of mind and learn to regulate your anxiety and tension. Don’t get angry easily, be more tolerant. Especially before going to bed every day, keep your emotions stable and don’t think too much. I don’t know how to calculate when I interact with people. Tolerant of others. It is best to watch less movies and articles that can easily lead to emotional ups and downs. Don’t be too nervous in case of trouble, learn to adapt to each This kind of environment is easy to make people anxious and nervous, and improve one’s ability to withstand stress.