Let my colors decorate your world.

2021-12-26 By cnherb666 0

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  1. Imported hard refills, easier to shape and make up. The advantages of hard refills: hard refills, not easy to break and easy to draw eyebrows, low color rendering, suitable for beginners, can draw eyebrows and draw multiple times Create various eyebrow effects such as misty eyebrows. 2. The soft Brazilian vegetable wax component, waterproof and sweat-proof, is more smooth and smooth. The palm wax produced in the northeastern river valley of Brazil has a soft and round color. Palm trees are wild plants that live in groups of sand or rivers. They can only take wax after 15 years of growth. The unique cold extraction method is used to retain the nutrients of palm wax without damaging the characteristics of palm wax. . 3. Natural plant color powder, delicate skin, more natural eyebrow type. Natural plant color powder has very good skin adhesion and skin affinity. The powder is fine and smooth, not easy to agglomerate, does not contain heavy metals, and does not contain lead.