Lips are prone to chapped skin in winter?

2022-01-24 By cnherb777 0

Winter is not only cold, but the temperature is especially dry. Our skin is not immune, especially the fragile lips, which are peeling and even chapped, which not only affects the appearance, but also serious cheilitis, which affects our health.
There are probably several reasons for chapped lips: dry air and lack of moisture. The main manifestation is the accumulation of dead skin on the lips or corners of the mouth
Lack of vitamins: In this case, the cracks often start from the corners of the mouth, and there is a white discharge from the corners of the mouth.
Disease causes: The first thing to suspect is whether it is cheilitis. Or allergic to certain things, such as cosmetics, sun allergies, etc. In certain diseases, excessive drainage in the body, lack of water in tissue fluid, and spicy irritation from tobacco and alcohol can easily cause chapped lips.
After understanding the reasons that may cause lip peeling and chapped, let’s learn some methods to relieve lip peeling: Active hydration: through drinking water and diet. Develop the habit of active and quantitative drinking water. Adjust a reasonable diet, eat more vegetables and fruits that can add water.
Active vitamin supplementation: It also includes the use of various fruits and vegetables. There is also vitamin C.E that can be supplemented separately.
When the weather is dry and cold, wear protective equipment and masks when you go out. It can effectively prevent a large amount of moisture and rapid evaporation.
Choose a lip balm that suits you. If you are allergic, you must carefully choose the lip balm that you are suitable for. Do not irritate the lip skin with inferior products. However, do not use lip balm too frequently a day, which will reduce the self-protective ability of the lips, and when the concentration of glycerin and other ingredients in lip balm is too high, it will actively absorb the moisture on the skin of the lips, making the skin more prone to dehydration. Therefore, when applying lip care products for the first time every day, it is recommended to wipe off the residue from the previous time.
Do not moisturise your lips with saliva, and do not easily tear the skin of your lips with your hands. This is because the amylase and maltase in saliva can cause inflammation of the corners of the lips, which can be understood as “digesting the skin” and causing skin problems. Tear off the skin on the lips is also equivalent to removing a layer of natural protective film, or improper tearing can also cause bleeding or larger scars, resulting in further infection.
Use natural or side-effect-free methods to moisturise and hydrate your lips. It can be fumigated directly with hot water. Or smeared with honey. Olive oil or sesame oil.
There are many other oral and dental diseases that cause chapped skin on the lips. So pay attention to oral hygiene, in order to effectively prevent dry lips. If the symptoms of chapped and crusted lips persist for a long time, you should go to the hospital in time to determine the cause and treat it as soon as possible.