Nutrients needed for hair:

2022-02-15 By cnherb777 0
  1. Protein + Choline + Calcium:
    As the basic element of hair, it can strengthen hair follicles, deliver nutrients to hair roots, and gather amino acids to synthesize hair fibers, thereby promoting hair cell growth.
    Food sources: eggs, tofu and other soy products, chicken, wheat germ, low-fat milk, cheese, broccoli
  2. Omega 3+ Zinc:
    Provides high-quality oil to the scalp, making the hair shiny and preventing yellowing and split ends.
    Food sources: salmon, tuna, oysters, beef, brazil nuts
  3. Iron + Vitamin B12:
    The hair is fragile and resistant to falling and breaking.
    Food sources: Clams, dark green vegetables such as amaranth, dried fruits, breakfast cereals, mussels
  4. Silicon:
    Keeps hair moist and not dry.
    Food sources: green beans, barley, whole grain bread