People with poor liver must eat more of these foods:

2022-01-14 By cnherb777 0
  1. People with poor liver can eat more wolfberry. Whether it is used to make porridge, stir-fry vegetables or make tea, it can nourish qi and blood, nourish the liver and protect the liver. It is a very good food for nourishing the liver.
  2. Eating mung beans regularly is very beneficial to the liver. Because mung bean has the effect of detoxifying and reducing fire, it can help the liver to detoxify, reduce the burden on the liver, and thus play a role in nourishing and protecting the liver.
  3. Eating more bananas can strengthen liver function. Because bananas are cool foods, they can nourish yin and nourish the liver. If you have hepatitis, eating bananas regularly can effectively prevent liver cirrhosis.
  4. Mushrooms are good ingredients for liver maintenance. Because mushrooms contain a lot of polysaccharides, they can effectively prevent tumors and improve the body’s immunity. For patients with liver disease, eating mushrooms regularly can effectively prevent liver cancer.
  5. Eating more jujube is very beneficial to the liver. Because jujube can effectively promote hematopoiesis in the liver, and fresh jujube contains a lot of vitamin C, which can promote the body’s absorption of nutrients.
  6. Black plum can relieve various liver diseases. Because ebony can effectively promote liver detoxification, it can also promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients by the body, so as to achieve the effect of nourishing and protecting the liver.
  7. Eating more lily can make the liver full of vitality. Because lily has the effect of benefiting qi and nourishing blood, and the demethylcolchicine contained in lily can effectively prevent liver cirrhosis, if you eat it regularly, it can have a good maintenance effect on the liver.
  8. If the liver is not good, you can eat some tomatoes. Because tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has the effect of nourishing yin and blood, and if eaten regularly, it can also effectively prevent hepatitis.
  9. Eating plums regularly is very helpful for the maintenance of the liver. Because the flavin glycosides contained in plums can clear heat and detoxify the liver, thereby protecting the liver.
  10. Pears can effectively prevent various liver diseases. Because the nutrients contained in pears are very comprehensive, they can not only help digestion but also protect the liver. If you have hepatitis or cirrhosis, you can eat pears regularly to help the body relieve symptoms.
  11. Papaya can effectively relieve liver stress. Because the rich amino acids contained in papaya have a very good effect on protecting the liver and reduce the risk of liver disease.