Pharyngitis is a very common disease in life. Pharyngitis is also divided into chronic pharyngitis and acute pharyngitis. Pharyngitis is a very tormenting disease. People in Germany hate it. Do you know how to treat chronic pharyngitis?

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Chronic pharyngitis small remedies
1. Watermelon peel tea for sore throat
Watermelon rind is very common in daily life, and it is a garbage that will be thrown away. If you have pharyngitis, you have to rely on watermelon rind. First prepare 250 grams of watermelon rind, then add 2 large bowls of water, use a small fire Boil it until there is only a bowl of water left, then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and drink it after cooling down. This recipe can treat pharyngitis.

2. Tongue root exercise to treat pharyngitis
Pharyngitis causes sore throat, dry and itchy throat, and foreign body sensation when swallowing. Tongue root exercise can be used to receive good curative effect. That is: close the mouth, touch the tip of the tongue against the teeth, turn forward 18 times, reverse 18 times, and then swallow the body fluid in the mouth three times, and insist on doing it once in the morning and evening.
3, containing raw garlic to treat pharyngitis
If you suffer from chronic pharyngitis unfortunately, you can keep raw garlic in your mouth and keep garlic in your mouth every day for about a month, and the pharyngitis can be eradicated. For the effect of sterilization, when choosing garlic, it is best to choose purple-skinned single-headed garlic, and do not bite the smooth surface of the garlic head when it contains garlic. After I get used to it, I will bite it while holding it.
4. Massage for sore throat
Massage method: After getting up in the morning every day, apply 3-4 drops of wind essential oil to the palm of the left hand, massage (clockwise) the throat area 20-30 times. After 2-3 months, the condition can be greatly improved, and basically recovered after a year.

5. Honey tea for pharyngitis
Take the appropriate amount of tea and honey. Pack the tea in a small gauze bag, put it in a cup, brew the tea with boiling water, add honey and stir well after cooling, gargle with this solution every half an hour and swallow it, and use it for 3 days after it is effective.
6. Olive tea for pharyngitis
Take two olives and 1 gram of green tea. Cut the olives in half with their pits, put them in a cup with the green tea, pour in boiling water, cover and simmer for 5 minutes before drinking.

7. Honey lotus juice for pharyngitis
Take fresh lotus root and appropriate amount of honey. Mix 100 ml of fresh lotus root juice, add honey and mix thoroughly, drink once a day for several days.
8. Sydney Monk fruit for pharyngitis
1 pear, half a mangosteen. Wash the Sydney pear, chop the skin and core, wash the Luo Han Guo, then put it in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to fry, boil for 30 minutes, remove the residue and drink the soup. 2 times a day for 3 days to see the effect. Nourishes the lungs and eliminates phlegm, clears heat and relieves sore throat. It is also suitable for sore throat, foreign body sensation, hoarseness, etc.