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product information
Product Name: Fat-Clearing Health Patch
Ingredients: lotus leaf, cassia seed, atractylodes macrocephala, poria cocos, divine comedy, astragalus, Alisma, angelica, ground into fine powder and Vaseline synthetic paste, coated on a non-woven fabric, covered with release paper, sliced, sub-packaged, packaged Fat-relief health patch.
Health care: moisturizing the intestines, clearing fat and detoxification, invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, and promoting health.
Suitable crowd: suitable for sub-healthy people with slow metabolism caused by body obesity.
How to use: Tear the package, take out the patch, clean the skin of the application site before use, remove the backing paper, and apply the patch to Shenque, Tianshu, Qihai, 8-24 per patch Hour.
The basic acupuncture point [Shenque point] is the navel, also known as the middle of the navel. The center can be covered and applied.
[Tianshu Point] Centered on the navel, 3 finger widths on both sides (at the same horizontal line as the navel), corresponding to both sides, each stick to save 1 stick.
[Qihai acupoint] Apply 1 patch with 4 finger widths on the underside of the abdomen as the center.
[Health care effect] For simple obesity, sticking to these 3 acupuncture points can achieve the effect of weight loss.
It is recommended to combine the following methods: light diet, regular work and rest, peace of mind, and exercise.
·Precautions·Scientific use, healthy and convenient
1. Frequency of use Before application, wash and dry the pain with a hot towel, and then apply it to the painful area and related acupuncture points, smooth and press firmly. Use 8-12 hours per post.
2. Regarding itching, there may be slight itching when the paste is applied. It is normal for sensitive skin to react due to contact between the skin and the paste. However, if severe itching occurs, it means that the skin is allergic, so please stop using it.