Plant extracts, care for beauty.

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How to use:
1. To allow the effective ingredients of the slimming cream to penetrate into the fat layer of the skin, apply it locally to the body at least once or twice a day, and massage it to circulate the blood.
2. Use it after bathing and apply it when the body moisture is not dry. At this time, the skin absorbs quickly and well. Before applying, knead and relax the skin with your hands for better results.
3. Cooperate with massage. While using slimming cream, it is very effective to cooperate with powerful local massage. It has the effect of natural slimming. If you only apply slimming cream without massage, the effect will be reduced by half~
3 treatments per treatment, 6 treatments per cycle Love beauty, showing a charming S-curve, gentle and healthy.
1. It has raw material factors and plant essence extraction to focus more professionally.
2. Designed for the study of the beauty of women, and show off a gentle and peaceful beautiful body.
3. Reasonable collocation, complementary effects, thin legs and slimming.