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product information
Product Name: Probiotics Fruit and Vegetable Enzyme
Net content: 42g (6g×7)
How to eat: Drink 100ml-150ml of warm water below 40℃ per bag
Storage method: cool and dry place
Per 100 grams (NRV%): energy 1584 kJ 19%, carbohydrate 93.2g31%, sodium 80mg 4%.
Several reactions after eating enzymes
1. Diarrhea, indicating that there are many harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract, and the spleen and stomach are not good for dampness.
2. Normally soft.
3. Exhaust a lot, indicating hypoxia in the intestines.
4. The stomach is swollen, indicating a lot of turbidity in the body.
5. No discharge, indicating that the intestines are less probiotics and the intestines are dry.
6. Don’t take it for a day and say that there is no effect. Everyone’s physique is different~